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Design Advice for Digital Signage

When you opt for digital signage for your business, you have the opportunity to reach a vast, diverse customer base. Digital signage allows you to quickly and clearly convey important information to customers in an eye-catching and attractive way. Here is some important design advice for your office’s new digital signage.

Keep Your Message Simple

As customers pass your business, they don’t have much time to read and process signs. This is why you should keep your digital sign’s message very simple. You can use your office automation system to change your digital message as often as necessary to continue to convey further information. Each individual message used in your digital signage should contain only three to five lines of text and 15 words.

Incorporate Branding Elements

Creating content for your digital signage gives you a valuable opportunity to incorporate your company’s brand. Consider showing your company’s logo after your message appears on the screen. You can also use your company’s color scheme in your text, as long as the colors don’t make the text more difficult to read. When your customers can easily identify your brand based upon the colors, taglines, word choice, and logos that you use, they will be more likely to remember to seek your services when they need them.

Preview Your Design Before Approving It

You should always preview the design of your digital message before you allow it to be displayed. Stand at least five feet away from your monitor or digital sign to verify that the message is clear, concise, and easy to read. You can then make appropriate adjustments to the message and design to ensure it will be the most effective form of advertising possible.

If you’re interested in learning more about digital signage and other office automation technologies near Chicago, come see us at Tunnel Vision Technology. Our office automation design includes features that will save you money, help you attract new customers, and improve your employee and customer satisfaction. To learn more about our products and services, including smart home services, call us today at (312) 265-3760.

Protecting Your Family with Surveillance Cameras

A home security system that includes wireless security cameras can further protect your home from break-ins, burglaries, and vandalism. Home security cameras can deter criminals from targeting your house, and can provide valuable evidence if your home is burglarized or broken into. Here are some of the primary benefits of protecting your family with a home surveillance system.

Visible Home Security Cameras Discourage Criminals

Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity that are committed by criminals who are looking for an easy home to target. If a potential burglar sees that your home is protected by a home surveillance system, he is much less likely to try to break in. Wireless security cameras are also extremely effective at discouraging juvenile offenders from vandalizing your home or other personal property.

Security Camera Footage is Valuable Evidence

If your home is burglarized, vandalized, or broken into, the footage from your home security cameras provides valuable evidence. You’ll quickly be able to determine if the offender is someone from your neighborhood. The police can use the footage to notify your community to be on the lookout for the criminals who targeted you. If an arrest is made, the video footage from your home surveillance system will be crucial evidence in court, and can help your attorney secure a conviction.

Surveillance Cameras Improve Your Overall Home Security

A comprehensive and effective home security system is one that includes wireless security cameras. An alarm may stop a crime that is already in progress, but visible home security cameras can prevent a crime from happening in the first place. You will sleep better at night and feel more secure while at work or on vacation when you know that your home is protected by a home surveillance system.

If you’re interested in security camera installation near Chicago, come see us at Tunnel Vision Technology. Our home security systems include wireless security cameras that will make your home, family, and belongings as secure as possible. To learn more about our home security cameras and home automation services, call us today at (312) 265-3760.

Selecting the Right AMX Office Technology Solutions

When you use office automation technologies, you will quickly make your office more efficient, functional, and comfortable. Office automation systems will also save you money on energy bills and complement your commercial security system’s functions.

Watch this video for some great advice on selecting the right AMX office technology solutions for your office automation design. You’ll learn about the perfect office automation elements for a room of any size.

At Tunnel Vision Technology, we can help you develop the perfect office automation design in Chicago for your needs. We offer high-tech, high-quality office automation technologies that provide climate control, commercial lighting control systems, and wireless security camera surveillance. To learn more about our office automation services, call us today at (312) 265-3760.

Putting Audio and Video Distribution to Work in Your Office

Connection and synchronization are two leading principles when it comes to home automation, and these principles are just as important in the workplace. Whether your plan is to broadcast music to increase productivity or communicate between offices with ease, this office automation tech can be of service. Continue reading for tips on putting audio and video distribution to work in your office.

Audio and video distribution have both been important aspects of many offices for years now, but sometimes these systems are not set up in the most efficient manner. Modern audio and video distribution systems can keep the entire workplace connected, increasing office communication and efficiency. Fortunately today’s office automation technology can remove the need for multiple presentation setups. Whether your goal is to boost employee productivity or entertain guests, modern audio and video distribution systems are essential.

If you are interested in putting audio and video distribution to work in your office, please do not hesitate to call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 265-3760. Our team specializes in both home and office automation services in Chicago. Feel free to visit our website or stop by and see us to learn more about our wireless security cameras and smart home technology.

The Vision Behind Leon Speakers

From paintings and sculptures to music and performance, art comes in countless forms. The philosophy at Leon is that even the assembly of home theater systems is an art form. Watch this video for a look at the vision behind Leon speakers.

In order to produce a high quality speaker that can transmit art in the form of music, the process of building it must be art in itself. This is the vision that the team at Leon shares. Their goal is to continuously improve and raise standards for themselves as well as the industry. Leon speakers are hand crafted with a specific purpose in mind: to create custom speakers that deliver pristine sound.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. is proud to specialize in home automation in Chicago. In addition to home theater systems and home theater speakers, we also offer home security systems and wireless security cameras. Visit our website, or call us at (312) 265-3760 for more information.

Building Your Dream Home Theater Space

Going to the movies can be a great experience whether it’s with the family, on a date, or as a solo activity on a rainy day. However, home theater systems can provide even better experiences, and you don’t even have to leave the house. Read on if you are planning on building your dream home theater space.


Before you purchase any of the fun tech to use in your home theater system, you first must decide on the optimal area of the home to build this entertainment center. Your dream home theater probably demands a significant amount of space, so you may have few options. It is wise to situate your home theater in your basement or a soundproofed area so that other members of the household are not disturbed when the theater is in use. It also helps to find an area with few windows so that glare from sunlight does not become an issue.


There are several factors to consider when it comes to speakers for your dream home theater space. Most obviously, you will need high quality speakers. Certain speakers tend to be better for viewing movies, while others are geared towards audio production; it helps to know the difference. You must also understand how to set up your speakers in terms of placement. Consider the distance between the speakers and the viewer, the speakers and the screen, and the speakers themselves.


The screen you choose for your home theater will depend on a few different elements, perhaps most notably the size of your space. The size of your home theater will influence the size of your screen as well as the distance it should be placed from the viewing area. The height and angle are important as well.

Is it finally time to start building your dream home theater space? Contact Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. or visit our website. From wireless surround sound and home theater speakers to home automation in Chicago, we are happy to help improve your living space. Feel free to give us a call at (312) 265-3760 or stop in for more information.

Smart Lighting Control 101

Modern technology has paved the way for newer and smarter products, which has led to the birth of home automation. Smart lighting control is one aspect of home automation, and it comes with a multitude of benefits in terms of energy, efficiency, and security. Keep reading for a crash course in smart lighting control.

What It Is

Much like other home automation features, smart lighting is designed to take care of certain home systems so you don’t have to worry about them. You can set your lighting systems to timers, sync them with other home automation features, or control them from afar. This yields innumerable benefits in terms of energy efficiency, home security, and overall convenience. If you have dreamt of being able to control all of the lights in and around your home using a remote control or mobile device, you already have some idea of how smart lighting control works.

Energy Saving Benefits

If you have considered upgrading to smart lighting control but could not find room in the budget, consider this: smart lighting control can pay for itself over time. Most adults are familiar with the feeling of leaving the house and forgetting whether or not all of the lights were turned off. This may not seem like a massive deal, but leaving your lights on can contribute to a rise in energy costs. With smart lighting control, however, you can set your lights to turn off at a certain time or under certain conditions. You can even manually turn them off using your mobile device.

Enhanced Security

Homeowners employ a few different tactics to make sure their homes and families are adequately protected, and smart lighting can help. Turning your home lighting on and off every now and then can even make your home seem occupied while you’re away, discouraging would-be thieves.

For more information about smart lighting control, feel free to call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 265-3760. We specialize in climate control, wireless security cameras, and home automation in Chicago. You can learn much more about our services by visiting our website or stopping by to meet with us.

Avoid These Mistakes When Making Content for Your Video Wall

Avoid These Mistakes When Making Content for Your Video Wall

Installing a customized video wall in your company headquarters or office reception area is a worthwhile investment. But all that advanced office automation technology can go to waste unless you use it properly. Just like digital signage, video walls require fresh, engaging content. Since the primary purpose of a video wall is to immediately capture the attention of its audience, you’ll need to create content that reflects this goal.

Avoid Creating Boring Content

First, decide which message you wish to convey with your video wall. Is it primarily intended for advertising or informative purposes? Is your target audience your employees or your clientele? Then, create relevant content that fulfills those purposes in an engaging way. For example, if you would like to introduce a new product or service to your customer base, you can use your video wall to create buzz and inspire your customers to find out more about it.

Avoid Information Overload

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating content for a video wall is to try to cram too much information into the available space. With video walls, the shorter your message is, the more likely it is that people will pay attention to it. Write very short phrases or sentences with a very large letter size.

Avoid Limiting Your Content

The uses of video walls are practically limitless. Use this to your advantage by experimenting with various formats. For instance, there’s no need to have just one image at a time on your screens. You can set up your video wall to feature different displays on each panel. This is particularly useful if you’re using your video wall for informative purposes. You might even consider making your video wall interactive by embedding touchpoints into it. Another strategy is to link your video wall with social media outlets to display the latest tweets and posts about your company.

Your source for dramatic, fully customizable video walls is Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. Our experts in automation design and digital signage serving Chicago will work closely with your company to ensure the optimal outcome for your data display. Call us at (312) 265-3760 with any questions you may have about office automation design or wireless security cameras.

Highlighting the Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Every person’s vision of his or her dream home is unique. One person might long for beautiful butcher-block countertops while another envisions Japanese-style sliding doors. But there are certain elements that belong in every upscale home, including home automation complete with motorized window treatments. With motorized window treatments in your smart home, you can control all of your shades with just the touch of a button. Not only is this convenient, it allows for improved privacy because you’ll be able to lower the shades in your bedroom and bathroom quickly and easily.

Another benefit of automation technologies of this caliber is that they reduce the carbon footprint of your home. You can pre-program your shades to raise and lower themselves at set times, which allows you to precisely control the amount of sunlight that enters your home. This smart home technology improves the energy efficiency of your home. It also improves your home security. Even while you’re away from home, your motorized window treatments will make it appear as though someone is at home, which can discourage would-be intruders.

Schedule a consultation for motorized window treatments and other automation technologies serving Chicago. Call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 265-3760 to discuss your custom home automation plan.

What Does the Office of the Future Look Like?

The typical workspace has evolved considerably over the years. Thanks to emerging office automation technologies, today’s office has become increasingly flexible, mobile, and efficient. For a look at how workspaces may be designed in the future, watch this video.

You’ll hear one man’s opinion on how companies might use sophisticated software solutions to hold 3D holographic videoconferences. Body monitoring devices might let workers know when they’ve been sitting still for too long, since movement encourages cognition. Additionally, it’s likely that increasing numbers of employees will take advantage of virtual office spaces that allow them to work wherever they have an Internet connection.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. provides premier office automation services in Milwaukee to help you get the most out of your workspace. Call (312) 265-3760 or visit our website for more information about office automation, wireless security cameras, and automation design.

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