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Top 5 Home Automation Features

Home automation lets you control all the technology in your home from a central location, improve the safety of your home, and reduce energy costs. Learn how you can enhance your home and saving money by checking out these popular automation options.

Window Blinds

Entertainment: Home automation is often used to connect multiple entertainment systems. You can create a fully functional home theatre by integrating lights, speakers, Blu-ray players, and your big screen television. Home automation allows you to control each system with a single remote control.

Lighting: Motion sensors and auto dimmers are commonly incorporated into home automation systems. These convenient devices ensure that lights in the home stay off when they aren’t being used. This is a great home automation upgrade for families with big homes and expensive energy bills. 

Climate: HVAC appliances use large amounts of energy to keep your home comfortable. That’s why you should incorporate climate controls into your automation system. A home automation system will make it easy to program your air conditioner or heater for maximum efficiency.

Surveillance: Security is priority for your family, and home automation offers security-enhancing benefits too. For instance, surveillance cameras can be integrated directly into your home’s control panel. This will allow you to watch surveillance feedback for your entire home from the comfort of your bedroom.

Windows: Secure windows make your home less vulnerable to intrusion. You can ensure that your windows stay shut by installing automatic window motors. These devices are linked to your home automation system, so you can shut every window in the house from a single location.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can enhance your home with a convenient home automation system. This technology can even boost the total sale value of your home. Contact us at (312) 829-9145 to learn how we can integrate these top automation features into your household.

Closing In On The Holy Grail of Home Theater

Check out this great article from Home Theater Review!  Have you ever wanted to watch first run movies the day they come out from the comfort of your own home?  With the Bel Air Circuit you can!

"Have you ever heard the term "The Bel Air Circuit"? For the 300 people out of Earth's 7,000,000,000 who have the studio connections and a compliant D-Cinema commercial "home theater" in their homes, the Bel Air Circuit allows one to watch first-run movies as a day and date release. Interested in seeing Skyfall, the new Bond film? Just call up and order the same hard drive that a Cineplex would order, and you are in business. Have a 2K or 4K projector? Then you are going to see at home - pixel for pixel - the same master quality version of the movie that's running in a commercial theater.


Today, this is about the coolest idea to hit home theater, but then again, it's only relevant to those people who can get the studio accommodation that allows them access to the content, and they are, respectfully, a tiny audience of very connected Hollywood and tech types. To use a golf analogy, it's the Augusta invite for the world of home theater, as there are about 250 members at Augusta National and chances to play there don't come up too often, but when they do, it's not something that you'd want to miss."

To read the rest of the article visit hometheaterreview.com. If you are looking for information on our home cinema solutions please give us a call at (312) 829-9145!

Boosting Energy Efficiency with Home Automation

Residential Solutions

Automation can do more than make your home more convenient. State-of-the-art automation can be used to cut down on energy waste and improve your home’s efficiency. Read to learn how home automation systems are able to reduce your energy usage each month. 

Control Climate: Inefficient HVAC performance contributes to energy waste every month. You can cut down on this energy waste by automating your climate control. Home automation makes it easy to program your HVAC systems for greater efficiency. For example, your heater could be set to keep temperatures low during the day and heat the house in the evening. This automated schedule will prevent your home from being heated while your family is away from home.

Enhance Lighting: Research performed by the International Dark-Sky Association reports that Americans are extremely wasteful when it comes to lighting. The U.S. wastes about one-third of the total energy used to power lighting nationwide—that translates to $2 billion of wasted energy each year. Thankfully, this energy waste can be reduced with the help of home automation. You’ll save significant amounts of energy by integrating light dimmers and motion sensors into your home’s control system.

Slay “Vampires”: Many household appliances switch to “standby” mode after you hit the power switch. These items appear to be off, but are actually using small amounts of electricity around the clock. EnergyStar.gov reports that these energy “vampires” cost homeowners an extra $100 every year. Common energy “vampires” include phone and laptop chargers, HD TVs, electronic clocks, and power tools. Consider installing a home automation system as a solution to out-of-control utility costs.

Home automation is a great way to make your home even greener. Call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145 if you’d like to enhance the functionality of your entire home. Our online gallery has several examples of our custom automation work.

Take A Look At This Tunnel Vision Technology Home Featured In Distinctive Homes of America Volume – IV!

Recently Tunnel Vision Technology had the opportunity to work on a beautiful home in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Our work on this breathtaking home was recently featured in Distinctive Homes of America Volume – IV !  Below are some amazing photos of the finished project.

Chez Mere Destinctive Home IX 2

According to the architects, the goal of the project was to “create a spacious, contemporary retreat that incorporated the charm of the original structure. We wanted the home to feel as if it had been there for a very long time, but thoroughly refitted and modernized.” 

For more information on the project, or to find out how Tunnel Vision Technology can modernize your home visit our website!

Demoing the Control4 Home Automation System

The Control4 Home Automation System lets your operate your entire home with a single remote control. The system integrates TV, interior lighting, music, and home security into one convenient interface. Check out this demo of the Control4 system to learn more about what this innovative system can do.

This Control4.com video introduces the basic features of the Control4 Home Automation System. Viewers get to watch how easy it is to use Control4 system with a universal remote control. The system is also compatible with video game systems, cable boxes, and satellite TVs.

Get in touch with Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. if you have more questions about the Control4 home automation system. We are an official Control4 partner with years of experience in the Chicago area. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to schedule an installation.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation uses a convenient digital interface to connect to and control your entire household. Read on to learn more about what home automation can bring to your home.

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Automation Overview: The heart of any home automation system is the interface. This digital control panel is wired directly to your lighting, entertainment, and home security systems. Even a basic home automation system allows homeowners to adjust the lighting in a room, adjust a stereo’s audio levels, and change the channel with the same remote control. A high-end home automation system can connect with just about any piece of electronic equipment. Once the system is operational, you’ll be able to control each of these devices directly from the interface or remote control.

Technical Details: There are several ways to connect the electronics in your home to a home automation system. New electronics are built with home automation in mind and can communicate with the control panel wirelessly. Other electronics will need to be wired directly to a control panel patch or connected through a USB port. Contact a home automation expert like Tunnel Vision Technology if you have more questions about automation technology.

System Conveniences: Home automation offers several advantages to you household. For example, family members with mobility issues can use the system to adjust their appliances without having to travel across the house.  A home automation system can even help to make your house more comfortable—a fully automated thermostat allows you to change the temperature of your home from your seat.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can connect all the technology in your home through a simple digital screen.  Our home automation system can make your home more secure, convenient, and efficient. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our residential solutions. 

TVTI Process

From the moment you walk into Tunnel Vision Technology Inc.’s offices, you’ll notice that something is a bit different. We’re casual, relaxed and low-key. But Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. maintains a pretty quick pace and do whatever it takes to make our clients happy. And then there’s Jesse. He’s a dog. But shhhhh! Don’t tell him we said so. He thinks he manages the place! At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we realized that “seeing really is believing”. After meeting with you and discussing your unique needs, we present a customized plan with several solutions, complete with color illustrations of your home or business so that you can actually visualize what we recommend. This makes it easy to ask questions, make decisions and avoid misunderstandings that could come up later if our wires get crossed (pardon the pun…we’re the wire and cable guys). The experience of getting to know your needs and matching them with our creative solutions – in ways that are easy to understand and discuss – is what makes us different from the guys down the street or across town. Our clients can see the end result before the work begins and they tell us they like our very accessible style of doing business on even the most complex projects.


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