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What Can Control4 Do For You?

With Control4, you decide what to control and how to control it. You can control things in your smart home with a remote, a touch screen, a keypad or even use an Android or Apple smart phone, a tablet or a computer with the Control4 MyHome app.  Take a look at this video from Crontol4 and see just how amazing your home can be!

The Control4 home automation system needs to be professionally installed by a licensed dealer. Fortunately, that’s where Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago can help. Just tell us what you want to control and our home automation experts will make it happen. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to talk to our representatives and receive a free quote.

3 Benefits of Automated Motorized Window Shades

Utilizing natural light to your advantage will expand the appeal of your home décor and make it easier to do what you want inside the house. Enhance your lifestyle with smart home systems that give you control over your interior. When you automate your window shades, you can:

Home interior 3D rendering

Optimize Your Home Theater Experience
Automated motorized window shades let you take your home theater experience to the next level. With the simple touch of a button, you can change the amount of natural light in the room. Home automation allows you to completely block sunlight when you want to watch a movie or let some filtered sunshine in when you are enjoying your favorite television shows.

Keep Your Furniture and Flooring Safe from the Sun
Too much direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your interior. Before UV light damages your furniture and flooring, install automated motorized window shades. This extra barrier of protection will keep your interior safe. Set the shades to lower when the sun is shining directly inside so you can avoid issues with fading.

Use Natural Light to Set a Mood
With automated window shades, you can change the amount of natural light in a room with the seasons. Whether you want to filter the strong rays of summer or let in as much winter light as you can, motorized window treatments make it easy to control how much light a particular room receives at any point during the day.

Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. of Chicago is here to give you all of the technology you need to feel comfortable at home. Whether you want motorized window treatments or a whole-home audio system, we have the capabilities to install it for you. Visit us online or call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our services and find a home automation system that works for you.

The Perks of Wireless Lighting Control

With the Maestro Wireless lighting control system, you can revolutionize the way you use lights in your home. Once you replace your existing light switch with a Maestro wireless dimmer, you can control the lights from anywhere in the room. Whether you want to increase ambiance in the living room, turn on bedroom lights in the middle of the night, or even turn on the lights in the house while still in the car, you can thanks to wireless lighting control. Learn more about the system and its perks in this video.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago brings you helpful solutions like the Maestro wireless dimmer so you can feel more comfortable at home and at work. Our smart home automation systems and office solutions put you in complete control. Call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our products and installation services.

Discover More About The Capabilities Of The Newest Automation And Wireless Control Technologies

Working on laptop

Automated and wireless technologies have made controlling your home and office environment as simple as pressing a button. Everything from lighting and heating to video conferencing—even the jets in your home’s hot tub—can be integrated into a seamless system to make your life as easy as possible. If you live or work in the Chicago area, call Tunnel Vision Technologies Inc. at (312) 829-9145 to learn more about what these technologies can do for your home and business. Also, be sure to check out these great resources from around the web:

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Crestron Automated Shading Testimonials

Whether the intended purpose is to prevent the sun’s rays from heating your home during the summer months or to watch a movie during the day, window shading is a remarkably useful feature that is often overlooked by homeowners—especially the smart kind of window shading.

The automated shading system provided by Crestron is the best in the business. In this video, you’ll learn why by hearing from a Crestron representative and testimonials from industry professionals. A big part is the seamless integration into any home automated system, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out the rest.

Become one in a long line of happy customers by installing Crestron automated shading in your home. For additional information, contact Tunnel Vision Technologies, Inc. of Chicago. Contact us online or call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our commercial and residential automation solutions. 

Home Automation Feature Spotlight: Lighting

The most popular aspect of smart home system is automated lighting control. Lighting is a small aspect of a home’s interior, but it can make a huge impact on the interior’s overall feel. And while lighting fulfills the practical need for nighttime illumination, it can also really set the mood of a room. When you install an automated lighting system, you gain complete control over every room of your home from a single access point. Read on to learn more about this popular home automation feature.


Elegant Control
Avoid the unsightly blemish of too many light switches with the condensed controls of an automated lighting system. Manage your home’s lighting with an advanced control panel featuring a comprehensive digital display. See the current status of each room’s lighting and temperature settings and make changes at will from anywhere in the home.

Lower Energy Costs
An automated lighting system is able to turn lights on and off depending on the amount of natural light in your home. You’ll also have the ability to turn off all the lights in your home with one button, making sure that none are left on before heading to bed. The combination of increased manual and automatic lighting control will decrease the amount of energy waste in your home, as well as prolong the life of your light bulbs.

Easy Ambience
Nothing creates atmosphere better than the perfect lighting design, and nothing is easier than an automated lighting system. Dim or increase the lighting in multiple rooms with one press of a button. Create a romantically lit path from the living room to the bedroom for a special night, or brighten your home office for work on an overcast day. Make it simple by utilizing lighting control presets.

Never leave another light on again. Reap the benefits of an automated home lighting system by calling Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145. We provide the Chicago area with commercial and residential automated solutions, including lighting, temperature, whole house audio/video surveillance, and home theater system control.

Control4 Is the Most Accessible Home Automation System On the Market!

A home automation system gives you total control over every aspect of your home’s interior. From climate and lighting control to home security and home theater operation, automation simplifies your life, allowing you to relax and enjoy being at home. There are many home automation systems on the market, but the Conrol4 stands above the rest. There are many reasons why the Control4 is considered to be one of the best systems on the market, including:

12-27-2012 5-20-18 PM

Centralized Control
Imagine having every facet of your home experience right there in the palm of your hand. Control4 does away with the multitude of traditional remotes scattered through your home and condenses it into one centralized control module. Control your entire home through your laptop, tablet, or smartphone in the home or on the go using the Control4 My Home app.

Easy to Use
You would think that having so much to control would become overwhelming. Fortunately, Control4‘s intuitive interface allows you to quickly and easily access what you need. You can choose what you want to control by category or by room, and you can even create presets that perform multiple tasks with one press of the button. Are you in the mood to watch a movie? Close the blinds, turn off the lights, and turn on your home theater system with one simple press.

Beautiful Design
The Control4 system is so remarkably easy to use because of its stellar design. The Control4 is surprisingly simple, yet it incorporates all your compatible devices into easily recognizable icons. The Control4 System is also scalable, meaning that you can start small with a single room and then eventually include the entire household all with one single control panel.

The Control4 home automation system needs to be professionally installed by a licensed dealer. Fortunately, that’s where Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago can help. Just tell us what you want to control and our home automation experts will make it happen. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to talk to our representatives and receive a free quote.

How Will Video Conferencing Streamline Your Business?

Business is very much an activity of interpersonal communication. Whether its daily meetings with coworkers or soliciting clients, you need to be able to communicate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Whereas before the advent of modern technology you’d have to make expensive trips in order to have a face-to-face discussion, video conferencing systems now allow you to talk to anyone in the world at any time from the comfort of your office. Installation of a video conferencing service can help streamline your business in multiple ways, including:

Business People in Video Meeting

Reduce Costs
According to a recent study, the typical business trip costs around $1,000. Think of all the expenses associated with flying an employee out to meet with a client. Substituting airfare, lodging, food, and other expenses with a video conference call will save your business tremendously in the long run.

Reduce Travel
Not all communication can be done virtually. Closing a deal or introducing a new supervisor are situations better left to face-to-face meetings, but for everything else, video conferencing can make frequent travel unnecessary. Less travel means more time for your employees to work on other business, and less stress from being away from home and family.

Improve Communication
Relying on back and forth emails to conduct business is time consuming. Phone calls do not allow you to pick up on the visual cues of body language, making it harder to gauge what the person on the other end is thinking and feeling. With video conferencing, you’ll be able to effectively communicate with anyone as if they were sitting directly in front of you.  

If you’re located in the Chicago area, streamline your business by having a video conferencing system installed by Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. By partnering with us for your video conferencing needs, you’ll get great service and be able to increase productivity. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our office solutions including digital signage, distributed audio, touch screen control systems, video walls, office automation, and more.

Saving Money and Boosting Convenience and Comfort with Remote Climate Control

Americans spend the majority of their time indoors, which means that HVAC systems are crucial to providing a comfortable climate in which to relax or be productive regardless of the extreme temperatures outside. If you plan on automating your home, start with remote climate control. There are many benefits to installing remote climate control in your home, including:

Air conditioner

Lower Energy Bill
Heating and cooling costs account for the majority of energy use in your home. Reduce the waste of unnecessary heating and cooling by having complete control over your home’s temperature setting. Intelligent climate control is able to acclimate your thermostat settings to the time of day, reducing heating and cooling when you’re away at work or going to bed, and cranking it up when you’re active in the home.

Room by Room Comfort
Depending on the size and layout of your home, different rooms may require different temperature settings. Whether you have an unused guest bedroom or a bathroom that you would like to remain at a comfortable temperature, a home automation system makes room-by-room climate control a real possibility for your home. 

Ease of Use
Remote control means that you’ll be able to make real-time changes to your home’s HVAC temperature settings no matter where you are. Did you forget to preset the thermostat for when you get home? Instantly make the change on your laptop or smartphone and have a nice, toasty home waiting for you when you arrive at the end of the day. You can also check to make sure that you turned your thermostat off while on vacation.

Be in control at all times by having your entire home’s temperature control options at your fingertips. Contact Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our remote climate control systems. We offer a wide range of residential home automation solutions for Chicago homeowners. Contact us today to learn more.

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You can cut costs by integrating your air conditioning, heating, and electricity into one automated system. Call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145 to receive a free home estimate. You can also learn more about the benefits of home automation technology by browsing these online resources.

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