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At Tunnel Vision Technology we provide the best home and office automation solutions. Tunnel Vision Technology can help you with everything from whole house audio to automated lighting control. Give us a call today to find out all the amazing products we have for you!

How Control4 Technology Can Be Used in Restaurants

Are you considering installing a Control4 system in your business? Watch this video to see how this video and audio technology revitalized one local sports bar.

Conrad’s capitalized on Control4 technology to link the restaurant’s 25 televisions to a central hub using high-definition modulation. Control4 allows a business to control multiple televisions’ video and audio output from speakers from a single location. In the morning, one push of a button turns on the whole group of televisions according to your pre-programmed satellite selections.

To learn more about how Control4 technology can change your home or business media experience, call Chicago’s Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. at (312) 829-9145 and set up a consultation. Our experienced installers can help you select a comprehensive smart home automation system that makes your daily routine more comfortable and efficient.

Want to know more about home automation? Check out this great video from AMXtalk

In today's world, technology is everywhere. Discover how you can move beyond control to network-managed automation in this helpful infographic video!

 Are you interested in learning more about some of the world’s leaders in smart home automation solutions?   Home automation systems allow you to enjoy a home that is truly comfortable. Home automation can change the way you live and increase the convenience of your everyday life. Call us at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. in Chicago at (312) 829-9145 to schedule a consultation today.


Home Automation Feature Spotlight: Whole-House Audio

Thanks to new developments in smart home technology, you can now install a home entertainment system that integrates all your music into a single control system. Whether you want to listen to the same song throughout your whole home or relax to classic jazz while your teenagers play top 50 hits in the garage, here is how a home automation system lets you play what you want, where you want.

Get Rid of Your Aging Home Theater System

Have you tried to finagle a whole-house audio system by tangling countless speaker wires from a single A/V receiver? Don’t get caught up with outdated technology that not only looks messy but also suffers from mediocre sound quality. More and more homeowners are replacing their systems with smart home technology that allows them to support audio in every zone of the house. By investing in a Control4 or Crestron system, you no longer have to be limited by one receiver.


Listen to What You Want, When You Want

If you want a true whole-home audio system that lets you play the music you want, where you want, a whole-house smart system is an investment that will pay off. A whole-house audio system lets you turn various sets of speakers on and off and listen to different audio sources in different parts of your house at the same time. While one person listens to a CD in the family room, someone else might be playing MP3s in the dining room—while another person listens to satellite radio in the kitchen!

Control Your Whole House from a Single Hub

Are you tired of constantly asking your teenagers to turn their music down? A whole-house audio system lets you adjust volume—and music selection—from a single hub with the touch of a finger.

Crestron and Control4 are the world’s leaders in smart home automation solutions. Whether you want to invest in a whole-house audio system or want to learn more about comprehensive packages that simplify your home theater, temperature, satellite radio, and MP3s in a single place, call the installers at Chicago’s Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. at (312) 829-9145 today.

A Look at How Home Automation Will Change the Parties You Throw

Whether you like to host small dinner gatherings or prefer the occasional gathering of a hundred of your closest friends, a smart home automation system will change your party-going experience. From pre-selecting music to adjusting the lights to making last-minute changes, here is how installing a Control4 or Crestron will keep your guests coming back again and again.

Plan Ahead

Using a smart home automation system means controlling anything in your home that relies on electricity at your command. If you are planning a party, you can pre-set your security system, home theater, lighting, and entertainment before the guests even arrive. Planning a surprise party? Have the lights set to dim and timed to come back on when your guest of honor walks in. For a small gathering, adjust your lighting to a soft, flattering glow and select light music to keep the energy positive.

New Home Automation

Designate Zones

Are you hosting a larger event? Whether you are planning a graduation party or a late-night birthday party, consider designating entertainment zones in your home. Your guests can relax with a cocktail and soft music in a dimly lit dining room, watch a game via your satellite home theater system, or move into your living space to dance to the latest hits at maximum volume.

Adjust Accordingly

The best part of your smart home system is that you can adjust the settings whenever you choose. If your guests decide to stay late, override your selections to turn the music up, dim the lights, manage the thermostat, and postpone locking the doors. With one device to handle all your needs, feel free to change your mind and adjust all your electronic devices in just seconds.

Before you plan your next big event, consult with the installers at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. Our personalized project consultations, green technology expertise, and superior customer care set us apart from the rest.. Call our Chicago team today at (312) 829-9145 to find out which smart home automation system is right for you.


Building the Ultimate Bachelor Pad with Control4

If you want to enhance your living space and improve your lifestyle at the same time, watch this video to find out how a Control4 smart home automation system can make your house into the ultimate bachelor pad. Control4 uses a centralized hub to control all your home’s systems from a single spot. That means that you can select your music, television, blinds, temperature, and lighting, and even adjust your home security settings with a single button push. Scan through the touchscreen to switch between rooms with this innovative technology system.

Find out how a Control4 can change your life by setting up an appointment with the installers at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. Check out our online galleries for inspiration or call our Chicago office today at (312) 829-9145.

Home automation can change the way you live!

light control shades

In addition to saving money and energy, a home automation system allows you to enjoy a home that is truly comfortable. Home automation can change the way you live and increase the convenience of your everyday life. Call us at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. in Chicago at (312) 829-9145 to schedule a consultation today. Let us help you enjoy everything these systems have to offer. 

How Home Automation Can Simplify And Enhance Your Life

Home Automation

In our recent blog posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of home automation. For more information on home automation systems, read through the links below or call Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. in Chicago at (312) 829-9145.

Just How Expansive Can Home Automation Be?

Automation is the way of the future, allowing people to control almost every area of their homes with the touch of a button. With a home automation system, you can turn the lights off, change the thermostat’s temperature, and even monitor your house’s plumbing lines for leaks. Learn more by reading this guide to home automation:  

Home Theaters

With home automation, you can transform a room in your house into a state-of-the-art movie theater. A qualified automation company can install a big screen TV, surround-sound speakers, and lights that dim automatically. You will be able to control all of these devices using a remote control, making your home theater experience truly remarkable.


Security Systems

Most homeowners are concerned with protecting their houses from security threats. One the best features of home automation technology is the security system capabilities that are available. Using a smartphone, you can lock doors and even have alerts messaged to you while you are away from the house. If somebody tries to break into your residence, or if the electricity goes out, you’ll be notified immediately.

Temperature Controls

Home automation technology allows you to control your thermostat using a touchscreen remote, smartphone, or tablet. Whether you’re lying down to go to sleep, coming home from the grocery store, or traveling on a work trip, you’ll always be able to keep the temperature at your home at a comfortable level.

A home automation system not only makes your life easier, but also boosts the value of your house. To learn more about modernizing your house with a high-tech system, schedule an appointment with Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. in Chicago. Our staff will work with you to develop a customized automation solution that meets your needs. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to talk to one of our friendly technicians today.

Looking Ahead to the Home Automation Potential of the Future

From robots that can do yard work to smartphones that can control ovens, the potential for home automation technology is endless. Here are a few of the predicted home automation technologies that will be available in the next few years:  

Smartphone Home Controls

People can already use smartphones to control devices in their homes, such as thermostats and light switches. In the future, homeowners will be able to do this and much more. In only a few years, for instance, the smartphone is expected to replace all other remote controls and keypads located around the house. This will make controlling home electronic appliances and gadgets, from dishwashers to televisions, both easier and more efficient. 

our company, visit our website or call us at (312) 829-9145 today.

room lighting control

Advanced Voice Automation Technology

If you think talking to Siri on the iPhone is helpful, you’ll be excited to know that voice automation technology is supposed to transform the home in the future. Experts predict that within the next five years, people will be able to control most appliances in their houses simply by talking. For example, if you want to turn the air conditioning down, all you’ll have to do is tell the system what temperature you’d like the thermostat to be at.  

Residential Robots

Doing laundry, vacuuming the house, and cleaning up the yard are all tasks that most homeowners have to do each week. In the future, residential robots will be taking care of these and other common household chores. Rather than spending your weekends working on your lawn, you can play golf or get together with friends.  

If you live in the Chicago area and would like to learn more about the future of automation, give Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. a call. We stay up-to-date on all of the latest developments in automation technology and are dedicated to providing unbeatable customer service. For more information about

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