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Using Home Automation and Video Surveillance to Maximize Your Home's Security

Security is a major concern for homeowners. Fortunately, a Smart Home System or a home automation security solution can give you the peace of mind you need with real-time protection. Home automation systems that include video security can be observed from work or other locations when you’re not at home. This can help you with anything from preventing burglary to making sure your kids are safe while you’re at work.

Security camera

Monitor Your Home Remotely
A home automation video security system can be monitored and controlled from locations you specify. For example, you can check the different views around your property from work. You can ensure your coffee maker is not on, the front door is secure, and all windows are closed. If want to keep an eye on a contractor performing repairs, see when your children get home from school, or watch your pets, you can monitor your home in real time. Security footage can be recorded and played back in the event that you need to analyze a particular day. Additionally, the system itself is already a deterrent to would-be thieves who are looking for an easy target; home automation and security makes your home the exact opposite.

Have Your Home Welcome You
Security is about more than keeping your home and possessions safe while you’re away. An added benefit of using home automation is that you can also control your lighting and media remotely to give your home the appearance of being occupied. This is great for late nights at work. It can also be used when you’re on your way back, so your lights are on and you can clearly see the exterior of your home when you arrive.

Home automation and security pair together perfectly! Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. in Chicago provides custom security solutions that integrate with home automation systems, so you can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind that comes with having your home protected. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to schedule an appointment.

My Trip To Haiti - "giving a little bit of happiness to the children who need it most."

Haitian Slum Housing

This past January, a few friends and I took a trip to Haiti, where we built homes for people who’d lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.  Please take a moment to read about my amazing trip to Haiti and how my experience there will forever impact my life.

"In January of 2013, I was invited by friends to build homes for people in Haiti who’d lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.

This was on top of the devastation Haiti had experienced as a result of its 2010 earthquake. It’d be easy to write about how great and rewarding it was to build homes for people in need; it really was rewarding, and they were so emotionally grateful. However, it was the children we came in contact with who impacted me the most."

To continue reading about my trip please visit the link below.

Chicago Sun-Times


4 Automation Features for Your Dream Home Theater

You don’t even have to step outside your front door to enhance your television and movie-watching experience. By installing a home theater, you can create the ultimate viewing experience that the entire family will enjoy. With home automation features like these, you can get the most out of your home theater:

Home Cinema

If you want the true theater experience, you have to add a screen that can accommodate all of your viewing requirements. With the right seating and a high-quality screen that enhances the picture quality, you can create the city’s best theater in your own home.

When you are able to project an image on your very own screen, you will never need to pay for an overpriced movie ticket again. Display the newest movies and your favorite television shows in high-definition quality right from your own projector system.

Include a smart home system on your home theater wish list so you can get speakers that optimize the sound quality of any show or movie. Speakers will make your house the ideal location for game day and let you enjoy the best in sound technology. With speakers in your home theater, you can create a room that surpasses your wildest expectations.

Home theater lighting is one of the most important aspects of your room. With an access system, you can control the lighting with the touch of a button. A home automation installer can install a system that puts you in complete control of the home theater lighting. Whether you want to set a romantic mood or brighten the lights in time for game day, this system lets you do it.

With the help of Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., you can create the home theater of your dreams. Our automation systems are some of the best in Chicago. With our technology systems, you can increase your home’s intelligence so it better meets your needs. For more information on our home automation services, please visit our website or call (312) 829-9145.

Learn How Home Automation And Wireless Control Can Transform Your Home And Business Life

working on laptop

Simple technological solutions can make a big impact in your life. Whether you are trying to improve your audio/visual experience at home or make a more productive office, technology can help. Check out the following resources to figure out how to use technology to your advantage.

Optimize the technological appeal of your home or business with Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. Call (312) 829-9145 to learn about our home and office automation solutions. 

See How Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. Can Help Boost Your Business Productivity

You might not realize how much your office atmosphere can affect your company’s productivity levels. Improper lighting, varied temperatures, and other aspects of workplace atmosphere actually have a big impact on how well your employees can work during the day. If you feel like you and your staff could be producing better numbers, Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can help. With our office automation solutions, you can start taking advantage of the following:

business team

Touchscreen Control Systems
Simplify the way you utilize technology in the office with a touchscreen control system. With one touchscreen, you have access to lights, speakers, and even temperature controls that will improve the entire office atmosphere. Touchscreen control systems give you an easy way to make a lot of small changes that will have a large effect on office productivity levels.

Video Conferencing
Instead of dealing with exorbitant travel costs, why not update your office with a video conferencing system and keep your staff in the area? With the help of Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., you can still reach out to your clients without even leaving the office. A video conferencing system allows you to save money on travel costs. And because your employees do not have to be on the road as much, it can also keep them alert and focused on productivity.

Distributed Audio
Whether you want to play mood-setting music or set up an intercom system through which your clients can find the help they need, a distributed audio system will help. Using audio systems to your advantage will unify your office and keep everyone working at their best.

Start taking control of your office and your company’s productivity with automation solutions from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. of Chicago. We bring the technology you need straight to your office. To learn more about our products and installation services, please visit us online or call (312) 829-9145.

Conference Room Automation with Control4 Technology

Difficult technological systems can hinder office productivity. Upgrade to a Control4 automation system and gain access to one-touch control over your audio and visual systems. The touch panel on the wall makes it easier for employees to use video equipment during presentations, participate in video conferencing, and find other ways to be productive at work. Watch this video to learn more about the system.

With the help of Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., you can increase office productivity and make the workplace more convenient for everyone. With our Control4 automation system, you take control over the technology in the office. Visit our website or call (312) 829-9145 to start making improvements to your Chicago office space.

Headphones at Home Are a Thing of the Past Thanks to Whole-House Audio

While at home, you should be able to get comfortable and enjoy doing the things you like to do. Headphones provide an unnecessary hindrance that you should not have to deal with in the privacy of your own home. With whole-house audio, you no longer have to experience this discomfort.

home theater

Home Automation throughout the Whole Space
Instead of carrying your music player or phone from room to room, whole-house audio puts you in control of where you listen to your music. Special zones make it easy to continue listening to music or the game even as you move from one end of the house to the other. Whether you are cleaning, cooking, or just starting a new project, your music can follow you without hassle.

Special Personalized Audio
Are you tired of putting in headphones so your family does not have to have to listen to what you want to watch? With whole-house audio, you no longer have to worry about disturbing anyone else at home. You can zone the sound to your space while everyone else watches or listens to what they want. Home automation can offer reprieve from some of the biggest forms of tension between you and your family.

Multiple Audio Sources
Whole-house audio lets you consolidate your technology and filter sound from multiple devises through one smart home system. Your whole-house audio system lets you control volume, send sound to a specific area of the house, and, best of all, say goodbye to headphones at home for good.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago is an automation installer that can make all of your audio dreams come true. Cater your home listening routines to your needs with one of our whole-home audio systems that put the power of sound in your hands. Visit our website or call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about the system and request your own today.

What Can Control4 Do For You?

With Control4, you decide what to control and how to control it. You can control things in your smart home with a remote, a touch screen, a keypad or even use an Android or Apple smart phone, a tablet or a computer with the Control4 MyHome app.  Take a look at this video from Crontol4 and see just how amazing your home can be!

The Control4 home automation system needs to be professionally installed by a licensed dealer. Fortunately, that’s where Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago can help. Just tell us what you want to control and our home automation experts will make it happen. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to talk to our representatives and receive a free quote.

3 Benefits of Automated Motorized Window Shades

Utilizing natural light to your advantage will expand the appeal of your home décor and make it easier to do what you want inside the house. Enhance your lifestyle with smart home systems that give you control over your interior. When you automate your window shades, you can:

Home interior 3D rendering

Optimize Your Home Theater Experience
Automated motorized window shades let you take your home theater experience to the next level. With the simple touch of a button, you can change the amount of natural light in the room. Home automation allows you to completely block sunlight when you want to watch a movie or let some filtered sunshine in when you are enjoying your favorite television shows.

Keep Your Furniture and Flooring Safe from the Sun
Too much direct sunlight can wreak havoc on your interior. Before UV light damages your furniture and flooring, install automated motorized window shades. This extra barrier of protection will keep your interior safe. Set the shades to lower when the sun is shining directly inside so you can avoid issues with fading.

Use Natural Light to Set a Mood
With automated window shades, you can change the amount of natural light in a room with the seasons. Whether you want to filter the strong rays of summer or let in as much winter light as you can, motorized window treatments make it easy to control how much light a particular room receives at any point during the day.

Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. of Chicago is here to give you all of the technology you need to feel comfortable at home. Whether you want motorized window treatments or a whole-home audio system, we have the capabilities to install it for you. Visit us online or call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our services and find a home automation system that works for you.

The Perks of Wireless Lighting Control

With the Maestro Wireless lighting control system, you can revolutionize the way you use lights in your home. Once you replace your existing light switch with a Maestro wireless dimmer, you can control the lights from anywhere in the room. Whether you want to increase ambiance in the living room, turn on bedroom lights in the middle of the night, or even turn on the lights in the house while still in the car, you can thanks to wireless lighting control. Learn more about the system and its perks in this video.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. of Chicago brings you helpful solutions like the Maestro wireless dimmer so you can feel more comfortable at home and at work. Our smart home automation systems and office solutions put you in complete control. Call (312) 829-9145 to learn more about our products and installation services.

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