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A Brief Look at Smart Homes

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Do you ever leave the house wondering whether you turned off the lights, adjusted your thermostat, or set your alarm system? With so many individual systems in the home, it can be difficult to manage all of them effectively and efficiently. Smart home technology makes this task easier by integrating disparate systems into one easy-to-manage system.

Smart home systems essentially connect anything in your home that runs on electricity to a centralized network. Using your smart phone, tablet, computer, or remote, you can control these individual components while you’re at home or away. Some potential benefits include lower electric bills, greater home security, optimal convenience, and improved home value.

How will a smart home system change your life? Contact the home automation experts at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. to find out! Give us a call today at (312) 829-9145 to learn how we can bring your Chicago-area home or business into the 21st century!

A Look at the Benefits of Audio Distribution for Your Business

If you run a business, you know how important it is to keep your employees productive. By keeping morale up, you can ensure that your employees stay focused and serve your clients well. Creating a positive workplace is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. Here is a look at the benefits of audio distribution for your business.

Improved Morale

A simple workplace might seem like it would be more efficient, but the fact of the matter is that bored employees are often less productive. With audio distribution, you can help boost the mood of your workplace by enhancing it with technology. This ensures that your employees enjoy the environment in which they work. As a result, they will be able to get more done and serve clients more effectively. Indeed, audio distribution is an investment in your company’s future.


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Better Communication

In addition to improving employee morale, audio distribution offers a variety of practical benefits. Because an audio distribution system allows you to send a message throughout your company, it can help revolutionize your communications system. Instead of contacting employees regularly and risking a mistake, audio distribution allows you to immediately relay the signal through all of the appropriate channels. This makes communication more efficient and more effective for both you and your staff.  

By implementing audio distribution, you can truly make your business a more enjoyable and positive environment. Your employees are sure to appreciate the new mood and will respond with higher productivity. If you want to learn more about the many benefits of audio distribution for your business, give Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. a call today at (312) 829-9145. Located in Chicago, our automation and technology professionals have the experience, training, and commitment to help you transform your business for the better.

3 Tips for Improving the Safety and Security of Your Home

Some of the most common home automation upgrades made in the Chicago area have to do with security improvements. Modern home security systems not only ensure maximum protection of your home, but also give you the flexibility to control these systems remotely. Incorporating just a few new components can help to make your home more secure, giving you the peace of mind you need when you and your family are away.

Use Surveillance Cameras

One popular addition to home security systems is cameras. Security cameras allow you to record and monitor activity in and around your home at all times. Today, mobile access for these cameras allows you to watch over your home from anywhere in the world at any time of the day.



Control Your Lighting

Home lighting controls are another way to improve the safety of your home. In addition to controlling indoor and outdoor lighting while you’re at home, automation of your home’s lighting can create the illusion that someone is home while you’re away, deterring would-be burglars and thieves.

Install Window Treatment Automation

In addition to giving you the comfort of digital control, automated window treatments and media controls can help reduce the anxiety of leaving your home vulnerable while you’re away. Don’t worry about forgetting to close your blinds, turn the TV on, or set your security system ever again—simply do it from your mobile device on the go!

For more information on how automation can help to enhance your home security, contact the intelligent home and office experts at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. We are the Chicago area’s premier home automation installer, providing a wide range of technologies to keep your home safe, secure, and comfortable at all times of the day and night. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to learn more today.

Steps to Take Before Purchasing a Home Automation System


Implementing an automation system into your home is a major project. And like any other home renovation project, it is absolutely critical to make sure that you do your research beforehand and choose a company that has the necessary training and expertise to get the job done right. Here are some steps to take before purchasing a home automation system.


Determine Your Needs

Before making any decisions regarding your home automation system, it is first important to determine what your needs are. This means deciding whether you want an automation system for the inside or outside of your home. Once you’ve narrowed your selection, you can begin to consider specifics. Every homeowner’s needs are unique. While one home may benefit more from climate control, another home may see more of an impact from a lighting control system. Determining your needs first can make the process much easier and ensure your automation system meets your expectations.


Do Your Research

After you have determined what you are interested in, you can begin to explore your options. You should research companies that provide home automation systems and determine the one that best fits your requirements. If possible, obtain referrals from past clients. More importantly, make sure that the company you are considering sells reliable products. At Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., we are proud to offer products from Control4, an automation company that was recently named one of the best home automation manufacturers of 2013.


If you are considering implementing an automation system into your home, get in touch with Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. by calling (312) 829-9145. Our home automation experts will be glad to help you fulfill your automation needs. You can also take a look at our website to inquire about our services or simply find out what makes our products reliable.

Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc.'s Founder Featured in Michigan Avenue Magazine


David Welles, the founder of Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., was recently featured in Michigan Avenue Magazine. David Welles’ company has quickly gained a reputation in the Chicago area for offering technologically advanced and professional automation services.

With projects ranging from lighting automation to home theaters, David Welles and Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. have helped homeowners improve their quality of life and even save money on utility bills. Although David Welles’ technical wizardry certainly sets him apart from the competition, he prides himself on running a company that seeks to make everything easier for the customer.

Take a look at our website or call us at (312) 829-9145 if you want to learn more about David Welles and the products offered by us here at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. Our professional home automation experts can help you determine your home’s needs and recommend products that are sure to make your life easier.

How Home Automation Can Reduce Your Home's Energy Bill This Summer

With temperatures on the rise, homeowners across the country are bracing themselves for high energy costs. While higher utility costs during the summer are hard to avoid, the fact of the matter is that much of the energy consumed in keeping a home cool actually goes to waste. By improving efficiency, you can reduce your energy consumption and your energy bills. Here is how home automation can reduce your home’s energy bill this summer:

Customize Your Cooling Schedule

During the summer months, much of the energy in your household is used to keep your space cool. Unfortunately, some of the cool air produced by air conditioners may go to waste. For example, quite often cold air produced by your air conditioner cools rooms that are not in use. A climate control system allows you to tailor your cooling according to your schedule. This means your air conditioner will only work when you need it most.


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Control Your Lighting

Maximizing the efficiency of your lighting is about more than just turning the lights off when you leave the room. Lighting has a profound impact on both you and your home. It can lift your mood or accentuate a room’s design. A sophisticated lighting control system can help balance these décor needs with your desire to save energy. For example, during the summer when there is abundant natural light, a lighting control system will automatically dim or turn off your home’s lights to take full advantage of the sun’s rays.

Don’t let high energy costs ruin your summer. By implementing an automation system in your home, you can stay comfortable and save money this season. If you want to learn more about how automation can reduce your home’s energy bills, give Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. a call today at (312) 829-9145.

What Home Features Can Be Controlled with Home Automation Systems?

Home automation systems can seem like something out of a science fiction movie. But complete remote control over your home is no longer fiction—in fact, comprehensive home automation is simple and can include almost any electronic system in your home!

This video from Control4 describes just some of the different items that can be controlled and monitored in your home using a Control4 home automation system. You’ll learn how monitoring these various devices can help to keep your home and family comfortable and safe no matter where you are in the world.

For more information on home automation systems from Control 4, contact Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., Chicago’s professional smart home installers. Call us at (312) 829-9145 to speak to a home automation specialist today.

Reasons to Invest in Window Treatments from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc.

Windows are an integral component of your home’s design. In addition to affecting your home’s appearance, windows can also affect your energy bills. If you are worried about your energy bills, consider how natural light can act as a substitute for artificial lighting and brighten up your home considerably. That being said, too much natural light can heat up your home, causing you to pay more in cooling costs. Here are some reasons to invest in automated window treatments from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc.

Home Theater

Protect Your Home

Blinds serve a variety of important roles in your home. While natural light is important, too much of it can actually have a negative impact on your home. Furniture, for example, can dull over time due to UV ray exposure. The same is true of paintings. In order to protect your home, it is important to ensure that you have a way to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters through your windows. Installing window treatments from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. is a great way to protect your home without compromising on style.

Enjoy Convenience

When you invest in window treatments from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., you can rest assured that you are buying products that put your convenience first. Indeed, with a single push of a button, you will be able to completely control the amount of natural light that enters your home.

When used in the right way, natural light can enhance any home. Natural light can beautifully accentuate your home’s décor while also boosting your mood and reducing energy consumption. If you want to learn more about why you should invest in window treatments from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., call us at (312) 829-9145. We specialize in home automation systems that can save you money and improve your quality of life.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Your Frozen Control4 Remote

At Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., we pride ourselves on equipping our clients with technology that makes their lives easier. Sometimes, however, the technology itself can malfunction.

In this video, you will learn how to troubleshoot your frozen Control4 remote. If for your Control4 remote stops working properly, simply reboot it by removing the batteries. Once you’ve removed the batteries, keep them out of the remote for about five seconds. After you put the batteries back in, the remote should reboot.

Learning about basic troubleshooting can save you time and money. If you want to learn more about how to use your Control4 system, call Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. at (312) 829-9145. We offer home solutions through Control4 automation systems.

Automation Solutions that Can Help Build a More Productive Business

With an office automation system, your business will be equipped with state-of-the-art convenience technology that has been seamlessly integrated into your operations. When you choose an office automation solution from Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., you will create a working environment where your employees are able to thrive. Let’s take a look at some automation solutions that can help build a more productive business:

4x2 Video Wall Walsh Construction

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing will allow your employees to communicate face to face, without the constraints of time and travel. With an integrated video conferencing system, your entire workforce will be seamlessly connected. This technology is becoming increasingly popular for both offices and businesses with remote workers. Your meetings will be streamlined, and your workers will have access to advanced technology and presentation tools.

Digital Signage

Digital signage can be strategically placed around your office to provide important messages to your workforce and customers. In addition to enhancing your office, digital signs can be used at trade shows and conventions as an eye catching display that attracts people to your business. When you install digital signage in your workplace, you can choose from HDTV displays, touch screen monitors, and other cutting-edge technologies that will effectively communicate the messages of your business.

Audio Distribution

Workplace atmosphere plays an important role in employee productivity. With an audio distribution system, you will be able to create a productive mood in your office using music. Audio distribution systems also allow you to page workers and send audio message, which will streamline communication between employees.

At Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc., we specialize in creating customized office solutions for businesses. We will work with you to create an office automation system that improves the workflow and productivity of your entire work force. To learn more about our office automation solutions, call our Chicago offices at (312) 829-9145.  

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