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Supersizing Your Company's Message with a Video Wall

If you are looking for office automation technology that will truly impress your prospective clients and partners, consider creating a video wall for your offices. With a video wall, you will be able to transform an entire wall of your office building into an engaging, digital environment. Using your digital wall, you can display commercials, important company information, or essential presentation data. A digital wall can also be a useful design feature in your reception area or retail space. A team of office automation experts can tailor your video wall installation to meet the specific vision of your company.

To get started on a video wall installation for your office, contact TVTI by visiting our website or giving us a call at (312) 265-3760. Along with our home theater installation services, we also offer commercial automation design in Chicago. Using our extraordinary products and services, you will be able to incorporate automation technology into many aspects of your business.

Tips for Using Technology to Increase Office Security

A secure workplace is essential for your thriving business. When you lock your office doors at the end of the day, you should be able to rest assured that your office automation systems are working to protect your space from criminal activity. If you are planning a new office automation system, consider installing the latest security technologies. Here is an overview of some tips that will help you use technology to increase office security.

Create a Secure Locking Mechanism

In your office environment, you can program your automation system to manage the locks on all of your doors. By automating your physical locks, you can control who has access to certain spaces. Your automated locking system will also be incredibly secure, which will help to protect your office against break-ins and theft.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras are among your best defense against crime. Using office automation, you can set up your security camera footage so that it can be monitored remotely by yourself or your security team. The physical presence of security cameras in a workplace is often enough to deter criminals from attempting to break in or commit other types of crimes.

Set Up an Alarm System

Your office automation company may be able to set up an alarm system that will protect your office space after business hours. If the physical security of your office environment is breached, your alarm system will automatically contact your security company. Once your office alarm system has been installed, you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your technology is protecting your workspace, throughout all hours of the day and night.

For more office automation and security tips, contact TVTI by calling (312) 265-3760. Our company specializes in automation design, and we can provide your office with a set of new wireless security cameras in Chicago. With our help, you will be able to build a smart and secure office environment that is equipped with the latest safety technologies.

See This Musical Family Reap the Benefits of Control4

For musicians and music lovers alike, Control4 makes it possible to enjoy your collection at home like never before. Using the Control4 home automation system puts control of all your music right at your fingertips.

To get a glimpse of Control4 in action, watch this video to see how a family of musicians uses this home automation system to engage with their music from anywhere in their house. They use the system to play music in different zones in their home, enjoy music outside, and more.

At TVTI, we’re proud to offer Control4 installation in Chicago, alongside our other cutting edge smart home services. To speak to a home automation specialist, call us today at (312) 265-3760.

How the Wrong Technology Can Zap Productivity in Your Conference Room

Your conference room is supposed to be one of the most active, collaborative places in your office, but if it is saddled with the wrong technology, productivity can take a nosedive. If you spend more time in your conference room fighting technology issues than actually getting your job done, then it could be time to consider an office automation system that includes a conference room overhaul. Here’s a look at some of the ways the wrong technology could impact your productivity in your conference space.

Mismatched Technology

No matter how prepared someone is with his or her presentation, if you don’t have the right cables to marry their devices with your AV system, then the work was for nothing. Many people in conference rooms with the wrong technology find themselves frantically looking for cables and trying to come up with workaround solutions for an unacceptable amount of time. When you have clients in your conference room, this wasted time can make you look disorganized and can force you to have to cut parts of the presentation to make up for lost time. Installing wireless technology and running your AV off an office automation system is a simple solution.

Bad Connections

Wi-Fi has to work in your conference room—period. A bad connection can make web conferences useless, make presentations flop, and prevent you from connecting with people who have answers you need now. Upgrading your ISP plan could be the answer. Your bad signal could also be addressed during your office automation installation.

Complicated Inputs

When your conference room is a hodge-podge of technology, then it can feel like you need to go back to school just to learn how to switch on the screen. With an automated office, instead of wasting time trying to remember how to power everything up and make it all work together, you can control your entire system with one device, with a few taps.

Don’t let outdated technology cost you a productive conference room. Talk to TVTI about office automation solutions in Chicago today. Dial (312) 265-3760 to speak to one of our experts.

Getting the Most from Your Smart Climate Control System

A smart climate control system can be one of the parts of a home automation system that has the most immediate impact on your lifestyle, and it can certainly have the biggest impact on your bills. Even if you are already using your smart home climate control system, are you really getting everything you can out of it? Use these strategies to make sure you aren’t missing any of the advantages of having a smart home system.

Learn How to Use It

With any kind of new technology, it’s easy to figure out the basics of how to use it and rely on that, without exploring the deeper features. When you get a home automation system, the breadth of the features that are suddenly at your fingertips may lead you to skim over some of the details. Get to know your smart climate control system in and out, and experiment with every feature. The more you know about how to leverage all of the features of the system, the more you will be able to get the full benefit of automated climate control.

Schedule Your System Around Your Life

A smart climate control system can make sure you are always as comfortable as possible when you’re at home without wasting heating and cooling energy when you’re not. Plug as many schedule changes into your system as you can think of to personalize your heating and cooling and save money. Set the system for your preferred sleeping temperature and then program an adjustment to kick in right before you get out of bed. Enter a temperature change for the usual time everyone leaves the house and another one for an hour before anyone returns. These mini-adjustments will maximize your system output while minimizing your energy use.

Use the Weather Function

Many smart home climate systems have a weather function that alerts you to the day’s forecast. Adjust your programmed temperatures to the weather so that you’re always comfortable.

TVTI’s smart home installation techs will teach you how to use your home automation system to its full capacity. To learn more about home automation in Chicago, call (312) 265-3760.

Solving AV Distribution Problems in Your Office

Audio and video—AV—distribution is a critical part of doing business, but if your system is outdated, chances are that you’re always fighting from behind. With TVTI, you can leave your AV distribution problems behind with a new office automation system that lets you use AV technology from any room in your office with ease.

TVTI can help you with AV distribution issues in many ways. We can customize a solution for you that lets you easily switch from ambient music to paging in a single step, depending on your needs. If you currently have multiple presentation set-ups, our office automation systems let you get rid of the redundant equipment and instead turn any room into a presentation space with a few clicks. Instead of fumbling with wires before presentations and hoping everything works, you can control all of your AV technology with one device, so you can go into presentations with confidence.

To learn more about how TVTI can make your AV distribution more efficient with office automation in Chicago, call us at (312) 265-3760. We can customize a solution for the way you do business.

Using Control4 to Amp Up Your Accent Lighting

As any design enthusiast can tell you, lighting is not just functional—it’s part of your home’s fashion. With Control4 installation and home automation, you can make the most of your lighting to enhance your design features.

Watch this video to find out how Control4 home automation completed one interior designer’s vision for her home. By using smart home technology, you can turn accent lighting up and down for different times of day and for different occasions, so you can create an endless array of looks in every room of your home.

At TVTI, we make your home automation visions a reality with a range of products and expert advice and installation. Find out more about creating a smart home in Chicago by calling (312) 265-3760.

How Home Automation Makes It Safer for Kids to Stay Home Alone

Home automation has many benefits, but one you may overlook until it is actually installed is that it can make your kids safer when they are home alone. For parents, home automation can bring some much-needed peace of mind. Here are some of the safety advantages of automation.

See When Your Kids Make It Home

If you have kids who come home alone from school while you’re at work or kids who will be coming home alone while you’re out somewhere, you can use the security features of your home automation system to make sure they make it into the house safely. Check in on your wireless security camera feed to see if they are in the house or find out when the door has been opened. If your kids come home and they have forgotten a key, you can even unlock the door for them remotely.

Get Security Alarm Alerts

If there is a problem in your home that causes an alarm to go off, you will get an alert on your smartphone, so you know immediately that there is an issue. Find out if a fire alarm sounds or if your home security system has been triggered, and use your home security cameras to see what is happening in real time for your own peace of mind. You can also communicate with the security company if your kids do need assistance.

Lock Up from Anywhere

If your kids have a habit of entering the house and leaving the door open, you can quickly lock up behind them, no matter where you are. You can also turn on outdoor lights or switch on some lights inside if your kids are coming home to an empty house after dark.

Enjoy the peace of mind that home automation can bring by contacting TVTI today. We can help you select the right smart home system in Chicago for your house that incorporates all of your preferred features. To learn more about home automation systems or to start designing your own smart home, please call (312) 265-3760.

Troubleshooting Conference Room Technology Problems

hahahahThe best way to get in front of issues with your conference room is to work with an office automation specialist who can help you build a more functional space. Here is a look at some common issues that arise with conference room technology and what you can do about them.

Connection Problems

Connection issues are at the core of many problems in the conference room. A reliable connection is an absolute must for a meeting space, whether you need to pull up presentations or video chat with your remote team. The best way to troubleshoot connection issues is to reduce the chance of having them in the first place. Your office automation expert can help you ensure that your conference room is wired for success so that everyone in your conference space can connect all of their devices with ease.

Display Screen Problems

Another common issue with conference rooms is poor quality screens that make it difficult to view presentations effectively. You can prevent these issues by installing digital screens or video walls that display high-resolution images that can be clearly viewed from all areas of the room. Combining these screens with your office automation system allows you to control them from any smart device.

Poor Lighting

Lighting might not seem like a technology issue, but it is an issue that technology can fix. Office automation systems make it easy to control lighting and window shades in the conference room with a few clicks, so you can turn up the lights when people need to read, dim them for video presentations, and draw the blinds to reduce glare during a video conference.

If your conference room is prone to chaos, let TVTI help. Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to explore your options for office automation in Chicago by calling (312) 265-3760.

How to Upgrade Your Movie Night Experience

With the right home theater system, the best movie house in town could be your house. Using everything from wireless surround sound to wide screens and smart home controls, upgrading your home movie night is easier than you might think.

At TVTI, our experts can help you build the perfect home theater system from the ground up, selecting the right features for your space and preferences. We’ll help you pick the right number of speakers, the right size screen, and the right lighting for the shape and size of your room, so you get the ultimate movie experience every time. Smart home technology means that, after your home theater installation, you can control the system with just a few clicks of your mobile device.

Let TVTI help you make your home theater system dreams a reality. Take the first step towards home theater installation in Chicago today by calling us at (312) 265-3760.

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