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Trufig: Where Cutting-Edge Tech and Minimalism Interact

When you are designing a home automation system that contains all of the latest features, you may be concerned about whether your new technology and controls will fit in with your overall aesthetic. That’s where Trufig can come to the rescue. Trufig manufactures sleek and beautiful controls and outlets that allow all of your various technologies to match seamlessly. Let’s take a look at how Trufig solutions can benefit your home or office.

Sleek Panels and Controls

If you are seeking an understated and modern look for your automated controls, you are sure to love the beautiful products that are available from Trufig. Trufig’s panels, switches, and other devices have been designed to merge with your other interior decorations. Rather than protruding from the wall and causing visual obstructions, Trufig’s switches and panels will blend into the background.

Various Colors and Finishes

Whether your interior space is decorated in bright, white hues or natural hardwoods, Trufig has a panel style to match with your interior. From drywall finishes to custom wallpaper designs, the Trufig line of panels and controls is available in many different styles. By customizing your controls, you can help to create a minimal and beautiful design aesthetic in your home.

Touch Panel and Touchscreen Solutions

If you prefer to control your automation system using an iPad or another type of touchscreen system, you will find a solution from Trufig. Their touch panel and touchscreen solutions will help your technological devices integrate with the overall look and feel of your home’s interior.

If you would like to tour your home automation options in person, contact TVTI. Our company can help you outfit your stylish smart home in Chicago with the latest devices from Trufig and other nationally recognized brands. To learn more about the automation design services that we offer to our residential and commercial customers, contact us by calling (312) 265-3760 and we will be happy to walk you through our services.

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