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Is Office Automation the Secret to Attracting Top Talent?

Generation Z—people born in the mid-90s to the early 00s—are flooding the job market. Is your company ready to attract the top candidates to your business? This group of job seekers has different motivations than previous generations and are more likely to care about whether your office automation system is up to date than what kind of paycheck you’re offering. Here is a look at what these workers are looking for in a career and how your company can attract talented team members from this group.

Generation Z in the Workplace

One of the defining characteristics of this generation is that they don’t remember a life before the internet. They grew up with smart technologies at their fingertips, and the ease of access to everything these technologies offers is an expectation of this group. A survey conducted by Adecco Staffing and reported by HR Review found that only 6% of Generation Z-ers named salary as the leading thing they are looking for in their jobs. Instead, they prize software that improves their work experience and the ability to move forward in their careers quickly. They also want the ability to work from different locations, rather than sitting at a desk all day, and to collaborate with co-workers and clients in different settings. They also appreciate the ability to work remotely.

Office Automation Solutions

To attract top-tier talent from Generation Z, you need more than a good salary. Your office should be outfitted with the very latest in automation solutions to make the workplace comfortable and engaging. Everything from automated climate control systems to lighting that can be adjusted from a digital control panel will make your office a better work environment. Providing employees with tools like Wi-Fi operated locks makes it easy for them to have flexible schedules. Office automation technologies can entice Generation Z workers by giving them what they want in a job.

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