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Ways to Update Your Dated Conference Room

Are you attempting to run a modern business from a conference room that is a blast from the past? Updating your conference room will not only communicate to your customers that you’re ready to do business in today’s marketplace, but it will also help your business run more efficiently. If you’re wondering what kind of updates you should make to your conference room for the maximum benefits, consider these upgrades.

Light Automation

Being able to easily adjust the lighting in your conference room is a game changer. With a click, dim your lights for a presentation and then bring them back up for discussion, with precision every time. Easily make a change if there is a glare on a screen or to develop the perfect backlighting for a video conference. With light automation integrated into your overall conference room design, you won’t lose valuable time or break up the conversation with awkward light adjustments.

Video Conference Technology

Lighting automation will make it easy to make video conferencing part of your business. When you use video conferencing tools, your clients and coworkers are never more than a few clicks away, no matter the actual distance between you. With modern video conferencing technology in your conference room, you can slash your travel budget and avoid the inefficiencies of long distance travel by having meetings virtually rather than in person.

Motorized Window Treatments

Allowing natural light into your conference room can boost your employees’ mood and efficiency, but too much of it can cause glares on computer screens, presentation screens, and personal devices. Motorized window treatments allow you to adjust your shades and blinds remotely, instead of trying to get up and down to raise and lower them.

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