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Transform Your Home with Whole House Solutions by Lutron

Turning your home into a smart home with home automation will revolutionize your lifestyle. With Lutron, you can use whole house solutions to get the exact features you want to be included in your automation design in every room of your house. Are you considering adopting Lutron home automation as your smart home system? Here is a look at the whole house solution options available from Lutron.


The Caséta whole home system makes it easy to control the lighting throughout your home. It features a range of dimmer styles and wireless remotes and is available in gloss finishes. Caséta can support up to 50 devices and offers easy integration with other automation systems, including Nest Home/Away, Sonos, Serena, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, and Honeywell home security systems. Use this connectivity and integration to adapt your Caséta system to your needs.

RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2 take wireless whole home lighting control to a new level. This Lutron system supports up to 200 different devices and easily lets you start in one room and expand to others. RadioRA 2 works with both wired and wireless Lutron occupancy/vacancy sensors so that your system can adapt to how you live. The custom-engraved keypads, which are backlit, and customized scene control give you the flexibility you need to tweak settings as you see fit. RadioRA 2 also offers the same easy integration with a range of other smart home products.

HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks QS is Lutron’s most advanced whole home system, thanks to its ability to support up to 10,000 devices. It is available in the widest range of keyboards and color options of any Lutron system and can also be designed with customized keypads. You won’t need dimmers or switches on your walls anymore, as HomeWorks QS comes with hidden panels.

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