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Hit the Greens Inside This Winter with a Full Swing Golf Simulator

Winter can be rough on golf fans, when courses are too cold and snow-covered to let you get a round in. Fortunately, with a smart home system, you could get the thrill of being on the greens without having to brave the elements. The Full Swing Golf Simulator, used by PGA professionals and golf training schools, can now be yours with your home automation system, so your swing doesn’t fall off track in the winter months. Here is a look at what you need to know:

What is the Full Swing Golf Simulator?

The Full Swing Golf Simulator brings the experience of playing at the world-renowned St. Andrews Golf and Country Club to your home. The simulator combines a strikingly realistic visual experience with information about your swing to help you hone your game. This system is used by professionals and top training schools but has traditionally been out of the price range of home users. Now, you can include the simulator in your smart home system, so you can use the same tools as professional players to hone your skills.

What information can the simulator provide about my swing?

The Full Swing Golf Simulator includes an internal infrared tracking system and a propriety, high-speed camera system that allows it to read information about your swing more accurately than any other golf simulator on the market. With each swing, you will receive a detailed report on the ball’s flight, speed, direction, and launch angle. You can use this information to experiment with different types of swings and identify where your strokes are going wrong so you can improve your game.

What other benefits does the simulator offer?

You don’t only get information about how effective your swings are, but you can actually see them fly over different areas of the course to get a realistic perspective of how your game looks in real life. You can also make the grounds of the course undulate to simulate inclines that you are likely to encounter on a real course.

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