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How the Wrong Technology Can Zap Productivity in Your Conference Room

Your conference room is supposed to be one of the most active, collaborative places in your office, but if it is saddled with the wrong technology, productivity can take a nosedive. If you spend more time in your conference room fighting technology issues than actually getting your job done, then it could be time to consider an office automation system that includes a conference room overhaul. Here’s a look at some of the ways the wrong technology could impact your productivity in your conference space.

Mismatched Technology

No matter how prepared someone is with his or her presentation, if you don’t have the right cables to marry their devices with your AV system, then the work was for nothing. Many people in conference rooms with the wrong technology find themselves frantically looking for cables and trying to come up with workaround solutions for an unacceptable amount of time. When you have clients in your conference room, this wasted time can make you look disorganized and can force you to have to cut parts of the presentation to make up for lost time. Installing wireless technology and running your AV off an office automation system is a simple solution.

Bad Connections

Wi-Fi has to work in your conference room—period. A bad connection can make web conferences useless, make presentations flop, and prevent you from connecting with people who have answers you need now. Upgrading your ISP plan could be the answer. Your bad signal could also be addressed during your office automation installation.

Complicated Inputs

When your conference room is a hodge-podge of technology, then it can feel like you need to go back to school just to learn how to switch on the screen. With an automated office, instead of wasting time trying to remember how to power everything up and make it all work together, you can control your entire system with one device, with a few taps.

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