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Getting the Most from Your Smart Climate Control System

A smart climate control system can be one of the parts of a home automation system that has the most immediate impact on your lifestyle, and it can certainly have the biggest impact on your bills. Even if you are already using your smart home climate control system, are you really getting everything you can out of it? Use these strategies to make sure you aren’t missing any of the advantages of having a smart home system.

Learn How to Use It

With any kind of new technology, it’s easy to figure out the basics of how to use it and rely on that, without exploring the deeper features. When you get a home automation system, the breadth of the features that are suddenly at your fingertips may lead you to skim over some of the details. Get to know your smart climate control system in and out, and experiment with every feature. The more you know about how to leverage all of the features of the system, the more you will be able to get the full benefit of automated climate control.

Schedule Your System Around Your Life

A smart climate control system can make sure you are always as comfortable as possible when you’re at home without wasting heating and cooling energy when you’re not. Plug as many schedule changes into your system as you can think of to personalize your heating and cooling and save money. Set the system for your preferred sleeping temperature and then program an adjustment to kick in right before you get out of bed. Enter a temperature change for the usual time everyone leaves the house and another one for an hour before anyone returns. These mini-adjustments will maximize your system output while minimizing your energy use.

Use the Weather Function

Many smart home climate systems have a weather function that alerts you to the day’s forecast. Adjust your programmed temperatures to the weather so that you’re always comfortable.

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