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The Role of Video Walls in Academia

Video walls have been embraced as a digital signage solution for business, but their usefulness exceeds the confines of simply selling products. In the academic setting, universities have uses for video walls across campus. Here is a look at some of the ways video walls are being put to use in academia.

Creating Dynamic Learning Experiences

For instructors, one common challenge with today’s students is that they have been raised with digital technology. A dry lecture or text-only outline presentation do not keep the attention of students, no matter the subject. Video walls are an ideal way to change the learning environment and engage students in the course material. By using video walls during lectures and classroom discussions, professors can create opportunities for active learning, facilitate classroom interaction, and create a more collaborative learning environment.

Recruit New Students

Businesses often use video walls to market their products and services, and universities can use them to market their schools. For students and parents touring campuses, video walls can be used to convey important information about the school and to provide a glimpse of what campus life is like. Some video walls contain technology that recognizes people on campus tours thanks to embedded chips in visitor badges. Upon registering that a visitor is nearby, the wall could automatically begin a presentation designed to attract new students and parents. Showing this kind of technological capability makes schools attractive to prospective students and parents.

Boosting Sports Revenue

Sports can be an important income generator for many schools, and video walls can make athletics even more profitable. Schools can sell digital signage space on their video walls to advertisers, who are willing to pay top dollar to get their name in front of the huge audience of people who college sports games. This money can be reinvested into academic research, faculty salaries, and university facilities.

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