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Automated Climate Control: The Energy Efficient Choice

Home automation is quickly becoming a trend in older and new homes around the country. Home automation can apply to your lighting, entertainment, and energy. In addition to increased comfort, home automation systems can help you save energy through your climate systems, which will also have a positive impact on the environment. Let’s look at how automated climate control is more energy efficient.

Smart Operations

With smart home technology used in your climate control, your system can change the temperature based on the different actions of you and your family. For example, an automated climate control system can project—based on trending data taken of your home—when someone will be in the house and when no one is home. By using this type of data, the system can change the temperature to suit a full or empty house which will better regulate your energy use throughout the day.

Efficient Appliances

Even though your automated climate control system can be used with any heating and cooling appliances, they are best used with the latest and most efficient models. Furnaces and air conditioners can change in energy efficiency in a matter of years, so pairing your automated climate control system with the latest appliances will greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency. Your newer appliances will require less energy to cool or heat better than your past appliances, and your automated system will regulate the amount of energy used to deliver you greater energy savings.

Informative Trends

Your new automated climate control system uses advanced technology to understand and project your family’s temperature trends, but it can also communicate those trends to you. With this type of smart technology, you can analyze and track your trends of energy consumption; if you notice problems, then you can quickly change them to create a more energy efficient home.

Make your home more efficient in all areas with Tunnel Vision Technology Inc.’s home automation systems. With our smart home technology near Chicago, we can help you leave a better impact on the environment and save money in the process. Please call us at (312) 265-3760 to learn more.

How Does Surround Sound Work?

Part of a complete home theater system is the surround sound. With surround sound, you can experience a movie or television show as if you are on set and a part of the action. If you are curious how surround sound works—and how it can benefit your movie-watching experience—continue reading below.

Split Audio

One of the most important aspects of surround sound comes from splitting the audio for whatever television show or movie you are watching. With the right media, the audio can be split in several ways that are then placed around you. These splices of audio help to fully immerse you in the movie-watching experience. For example, a Western movie may split the audio so that horses’ hooves come out of one speaker while actor dialogue, musical score, and other audio come out of three other speakers.

Strategically-Placed Speakers

In addition to split audio, your surround sound and home theater system works best when you place speakers in a strategic manner around the room. Most speaker and surround sound design will have two large speakers next to the television and then three smaller speakers spaced evenly behind your seats. By placing these home theater speakers around your theater system and media room, you can experience all of the sounds at once and in a fully-immersed manner.

Correctly-Formatted Media

The only way that your surround sound system will work properly is if you use the right media. You can turn on your advanced home theater system every time you watch a movie, but if the movie is not formatted to surround sound you will not have the true experience. To utilize your surround sound in the correct manner, you must use the DVDs, Blu-rays, or digital copies that have been formatted for surround sound systems.

Learn more about wireless surround sound and other home theater systems near Chicago with the experts at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. We can help you choose and set up a theater-quality sound system once you call us at (312) 265-3760.

Increasing Security at Your Business

How secure is your business when you’re away? If you’re not using a custom business security system, then your interests could be at risk. Business security systems can be integrated into your office automation system to give you real-time access to your premises around the clock, no matter where you are, so you are always in control.

Use your business security system to access every corner of your office space and the exterior of your building with wireless security cameras. Ensure that intruders aren’t accessing your workspace, and use your security system to monitor your employees and the additional staff you bring into your business daily, such as your custodial team. Review footage to see who is accessing restricted areas, and capture shoplifting and other kinds of criminal activity on camera so that you have evidence to provide to authorities.

Better security to good business for you, your employees, and your customers. Build a custom business security plan with office automation and wireless security cameras in Chicago with help from the experts at TVTI. To start designing your system, call (312) 265-3760.

How Speakers Are Made

Chances are that you spent a lot of time thinking about speakers when evaluating home theater systems or setting up wireless surround sound, but did you ever wonder how exactly those speakers are actually made? Watch this video for an inside look at the craft of speaker manufacturing.

By getting a better understanding of how speakers are made, you can be a more informed shopper when you’re looking for home theater systems. This video also includes an explanation of different types of speakers and the sounds they are best at amplifying.

At TVTI, we can walk you through the process of picking speakers for home theater installation, wireless surround sound in Chicago, and more. Call us today at (312) 829-9145 for more information about everything from home theater speakers to smart home technology.

Essential Components of a Redesigned Conference Room

Your conference room is the launch site for every important initiative in your business, so when it is time to redesign it, you can’t afford to cut corners. Make sure you get everything you need to make your conference room work for you by working with an office automation expert who can help you choose the right components and put it all together into the perfectly functioning workspace for your business. As you plan your redesign, make sure these components are part of your new space.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is an essential part of doing business today. It allows meetings to happen quickly and efficiently across borders and time zones, without the extra expenses and delays associated with unnecessary business trips. When you’re redesigning your conference room, invest in the very latest in video conferencing technology to ensure for smooth meetings without the glitches in video and audio that can make virtual meetings frustrating. Make your video conferencing tools part of your overall office automation technology so that it can be easily controlled with a few clicks.

Integrated Lighting

From video presentations to work sessions, lighting needs in conference rooms vary from meeting to meeting and even within a single gathering. Integrated lighting makes it easy to get the right light for the task at hand, to enhance productivity and ensure the right environment for every type of meeting. When you integrate conference room lighting into your office automation, a single click can change the lights in your conference room so you can transition smoothly from one part of your meeting to another.

Presentation Systems

High-tech presentation systems are ideal for getting employees on board for new initiatives and winning clients over with memorable pitches. Forget fumbling with a laptop or drive, crossing your fingers and hoping it displays correctly. Instead, use a state-of-the-art presentation system that works seamlessly and never sells your work short.

When your conference room is ready for an overhaul, TVTI is ready to provide support for office automation in Chicago that incorporates all of your needs. Talk to one of our experts today about automatic technologies and how tools like wireless surround sound and commercial lighting control systems can make your space more efficient. Dial (312) 265-3760 to find out more.

The Benefits of Having a Home Security Camera

Home security cameras can be an effective part of home security systems for a number of different reasons, especially if they are incorporated into your overall home automation design. If you are weighing the advantages of adding home security cameras to your security system, here is a closer look at some of the benefits.

Monitor Your Children

When your children are home alone, get the peace of mind of knowing you can check in on them at any time by installing home security cameras that are integrated into your home automation system. Use your smartphone to check to see that your children have returned home from school, and even lock the door behind them with your phone if they forget. You can also use your security cameras to look in on your kids when you’re having a night out, to make sure they’re safe and sticking to your rules. When you can’t be home, your security cameras are the next best way to monitor your children and ensure their safety.

Monitor Caretakers

If you hire a nanny to care for your children or in-home caretakers to look after an aging loved one, how can you be sure that they are providing the kind of service you expect? Check in on caretakers you entrust with your loved ones with a few clicks of your smartphone any time, so you can feel confident that your family is getting the care they need. For working parents and people who are caregivers for aging relatives, this peace of mind can be invaluable.

Monitor Your Property

The most obvious benefit of security cameras is the ability to deter criminals and capture footage of would-be intruders in action. Modern security cameras not only film people who wish to break into your home but also alert criminals that they are being watched and that the authorities have been contacted.

Talk to TVTI about how home security cameras in Chicago can be integrated into your home automation system to make your family safer. Call us today at (312) 265-3760 to get answers to your questions about smart home technology.

Get the Answers to Your Questions About Home Automation

Modern homes are constantly getting smarter, and they’re advancing at such a pace that it can be difficult to keep up. You might be wondering what home automation even is, what it can do for you, or who can set you up with it. Take a look ahead to get the answers to your questions about home automation.

What is home automation?

Thanks to the rapid development of modern technology, homes are becoming smarter and smarter. Home automation is the process that allows your house to adapt to your needs, offer unprecedented convenience, and increase your efficiency. This can include the lighting systems you use, security cameras, and climate control. Home automation allows you to take greater control over the environment and atmosphere of your home, and this comes with a plethora of important benefits.

How can I benefit?

Smart home technology can be used in many areas of the home to encourage efficiency and convenience. Climate control systems allow you to keep your home comfortable without wasting energy by automatically turning on and off at designated times. Since you will cut down on energy waste, you will see savings in your bills that may afford you and your family some financial flexibility. A wireless surround sound system may link to your mobile devices so that you can easily play your favorite songs from anywhere in the house.

Who can help me?

If you want to do home automation right, you should enlist the services of a professional home automation company. The professionals can make sure that you choose the right automation options for your needs and that everything is installed properly. Even if you know what types of additions you’d like to make, it’s wise to talk to a team of professionals and clear up the details.

When it comes to home automation in Chicago, you can trust the professionals at TVTI. From wireless security cameras to climate control and home theater speakers, we’re happy to help. Visit our website or call us at (312) 265-3760 with any questions you might have about home automation today.

Residential Climate Control Services from TVTI

The climate inside your home is a big deal; it can be both uncomfortable and frustrating when you find yourself struggling with your thermostat, but home automation can help. TVTI offers residential climate control services that will keep your home comfortable, convenient, and energy efficient. Read on for a brief look at our climate control services.

In an ideal world, your household would make use of all of the energy it pays for without letting any go to waste. Thanks to residential climate control services from TVTI, we’re one step closer to that perfect world. You can set your climate control systems to turn off automatically when they’re not in use as well as turn on at a specific time; you can even set your climate control schedule for the week. You can control your residential climate control systems from afar using your mobile devices as well.

TVTI is happy to help set you up with a residential climate control system that meets your needs. We specialize in home automation in Chicago, and it’s our mission to help transform your house into the smart home you’ve always wanted. Give us a call at (312) 265-3760 for more information.

Design Tips for Your Conference Room

Home and office automation have everything to do with design, and the way you design your conference room can significantly impact your company. Watch this video for a few design tips for your conference room.

When you start to design your conference room, think about how you plan to use it. Will it be exclusively for meetings with potential business partners, or will it also be home to your office birthday celebrations? Consider discreet storage for both office supplies and food and beverages so you can keep the space clean. Meet with an office automation pro to make sure the room is capable of providing for your tech requirements.

For help in designing your conference room, call TVTI at (312) 265-3760. We offer commercial lighting control systems and office automation services in Chicago that’ll make your conference room more effective. Visit our website for more on our smart home services.

How to Design Captivating Content for Your Video Wall

When you install a video wall in your home or office, you have the opportunity to completely change the aesthetic environment. Digital signage can be a great way to share information with the masses, and it’s even better if the pros help you make it look flashy. Here’s a quick look at how to design captivating content for your video wall.

Share What Matters

Much like a home theater system, a video wall can provide you and your home or office with a phenomenal viewing experience. If you’re setting it up in your home, consider displaying pictures and video clips that align with your interests and those of your family. If your video wall is for the workplace, on the other hand, you have the opportunity to share important graphics and information to a large audience. This makes a video wall great for conferences and business meetings as well as passively sharing information with those who walk by your screen.

Make It Flashy

What is the point of a screen covering your entire wall if no one is looking at it? If you plan to place your video wall in a visible location where passersby can see your brand content or information, make sure it catches the eye. You may consider using bright colors to attract attention and curiosity. You may alternatively stick strictly to the colors that relate to your brand for the sake of consistency; do your best to attract attention in either case.

Request a Consultation

You might not know exactly what type of content to display or what type of video wall you need, so seek a consultation with a team of digital signage pros. Your professional can help you choose a video wall and decide where to install it.

If you’re thinking about adding a video wall to your home or workplace, why plan it by yourself? Call TVTI at (312) 265-3760 to find out how we can help with home theater installation and home automation in Chicago. You can also head over to our website for a look at our smart home technology.

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