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Leon Speakers Factory Tour

If you are looking to give your home a high-end feel, installing one of the many home theater systems on the market should be a top priority. You can obtain a home theater installation near Chicago and put a sound system into your home that is top of the line without putting big, boxy speakers into your living area. There are systems available that will blend seamlessly into your interior design and add to the aesthetic.

Watch this video to see how Leon Speakers are created to meet the needs of those who want to add the best sound possible to their homes. The speakers are carefully handcrafted and designed to add a touch of class to any home.

Do you want speakers like this installed? Call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 265-3760 to learn more about home theater systems and how they can be added to your house.

Why Choose Motorized Window Treatments?

There are many benefits that come along with adding motorized window treatments to your home. Anyone who values smart home technology near Chicago will appreciate the privacy and convenience that they offer. With the push of a button, you can open and close your curtains to let a little light in or shut the light out.

Motorized window treatments are an excellent form of home automation because they allow for climate control and give you the ability to change the temperature in your home without using the heating or cooling systems. They can also keep the sun from damaging your furniture or your art. Most importantly, perhaps, they add to the ambience of a room and allow you to change the mood of it in just seconds.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. is a company that specializes in home automation. You can call (312) 265-3760 to schedule a consultation to discuss motor window treatments for your home.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Signage for Your Business?

Are you looking to attract new customers and get them to come in to your business? If so, digital signage is a great way to do it. Use a company that offers digital signage serving Chicago and you will see an influx of customers stopping in to see you right away. Here are just a few of the benefits of utilizing it.

Better Visibility

Just about all stores have a sign hanging near the front of them. But how often do people turn and look at that sign as they’re walking or driving by? Chances are, not everyone is seeing it unless you’re using commercial lighting control systems. Digital signage allows you to force people to look at your sign by incorporating big, bright letters and numbers that are constantly moving and flashing.

Quicker Content Control

Many businesses have prices and specials that change on a daily basis. It can be hard to let the public know about them through the use of traditional signs. Digital signage makes it easy, because you can change the information you are conveying to customers every hour if you want and put up a new message for them.

Possible Revenue Generation

Since you will be able to put anything up on your digital signage, there’s a chance you might be able to use it to advertise for other businesses and make extra money. Let’s say, for example, you own a hotel and have a digital sign. You can post information about local restaurants, malls, and other establishments on it for a fee.

More Overall Convenience

Who wants to go outside and change a sign manually? It’s a chore no business owner wants to take on. With digital signage, you can change your sign in the most convenient way possible with the push of a few buttons.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can talk to you more about obtaining digital signage for your business. We specialize in installing it and showing business owners the benefits of having it. You can speak to us more about it by contacting us at (312) 265-3760.

How to Make the Best Use of Home Security Cameras

Setting up home security cameras is an excellent way to keep you, your family, and your house safe. However, if you have them installed, you should do everything you can to put them to good use. Once you finish security camera installation in Chicago, follow these simple steps to be sure you’re using your home security systems to their full potential.

Put cameras by both your front and back door. Most people who invest in home security cameras put them by the front door, but you should cover your bases by making sure that both entrances to your home are covered.

Sync your cameras up with your smartphone or home computer. If you are going to put cameras up as part of your home security system, you should check them as often as possible. Most cameras today offer you the option of live streaming on one or all of your many devices, so use it!

Arrange your cameras so that they capture the best picture possible. Is your backyard always dark? If so, you may need to add lighting to make sure that your security cameras are able to pick up high-quality pictures.

Use cameras that are positioned in discreet and obvious areas of your home’s exterior. The sight of a camera is usually enough to keep intruders away, so place them where they can see them. At the same time, there are some intruders who will try to tamper with your cameras, and they very well may be successful. Don’t be afraid to obscure wireless security cameras to avoid this scenario.

Keep your cameras on at all times. This should go without saying, but many people fail to capture images of intruders simply because they don’t keep their cameras on all the time. Make sure yours is always powered up.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can tell you more about the benefits of home security cameras. We know how to install them and help homeowners make the most of them. You can schedule a consultation with us by calling (312) 265-3760.

A Look at the Creston Pyng System

The Creston Pyng system is a valuable and useful home automation system that allows you to customize a variety of automated options for your home. These home automation options can be controlled remotely via your tablet or smartphone.

Watch this video to learn more about the Creston Pyng system and how it works. You’ll be walked through a helpful tutorial that explains the many benefits of using a home automation system like Creston Pyng.

If you’re interested in installing a home automation system in Chicago, contact us at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. We provide both commercial and residential automation systems that include customizable climate control, lighting control, and security and surveillance systems. Call us today at (312) 829-9145 to learn more.

A Brief Look at the Benefits of Lighting Control

Installing a home automation system that includes lighting control can enhance your home’s security system, save you money on your energy bill, and help you control the ambience of your house. With a smart home, you can operate your home’s lighting remotely, using just a smartphone or a tablet.

This technology allows you to turn off lights that were accidentally left on, and set up the rooms in your home to turn on lights only when someone is in the room. This can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill. Controlling your lighting remotely also helps you ensure that it seems as if someone is home, even when you’re out of town. This is a huge deterrent to burglars and prowlers. Lighting control in a smart home also allows you to dim or brighten the lighting in each room, according to your mood.

If you are interested in lighting control and home automation in Chicago, visit us at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. We offer fully customizable home automation, including lighting control, climate control, and home surveillance systems. Call us today at (312) 829-9145 for more information.

What Are the Benefits of Climate Control in Your Conference Room?

Disagreements can often break out amongst co-workers about the climate of their office. As employees spend more and more time working inside, the light levels and temperature in their office becomes more and more important. Office automation technology allows you to remotely control the lighting, temperature, and security system in the office, which may ultimately make your employees happier and more productive.

Only Use AC and Heat if the Room is in Use

Conference rooms aren’t used often, and you may go days without even stepping foot into your office’s conference room. This makes office automation even more valuable, as you can set the heat and cooling to operate only when there are employees or guests in the conference room. This will save the company money in the long term, and ensure that your guests are as comfortable as possible.

Avoid Office Disagreements

With the climate control offered by office automation, the climate of your conference room is controlled remotely by your smartphone or tablet. This will severely cut down on office debates and disagreements about the temperature in the office, as everyone will know that the office automation system is set up to work efficiently and intelligently to ensure everyone’s comfort.

Avoid Misuse of Equipment

If your company is using the conference room for an important business meeting, presentation, or event, you want to impress your guests. An employee who can’t figure out how to turn the thermostat to a comfortable level may end up making the whole company look bad, in addition to rendering the conference room unusable. Office automation also prevents the company from wasting money on energy bills that are inflated by employees who unnecessarily blast the heat or AC.

If you’re interested in setting up office automation in Chicago for your company, contact us at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. We can set up a smart conference room in your office that includes automated lighting and audio control, climate control, motorized window treatments, and video conferencing. To learn more, call us today at (312) 829-9145.

Tips for Choosing Your Home Security System

If you’re looking into home security systems, you may feel overwhelmed by all of your choices. An alarm system will protect your valuables, and make you feel safer and more secure both in and out of your home. As most burglaries occur during the day, while the homeowners are at work, a home security system will scare away potential burglars, and alert the police to a break-in, while you’re not home to protect your belongings yourself.

Understand the Basics of a Home Security System

Most basic home security systems consist of a control panel and keypad, an alarm or siren, a motion detector, door and window contacts, and a central monitoring system. The security company you choose will be able to help you customize your home security system to meet your needs and your lifestyle. This means that if you are away from home often, you can set up a home automation system. You can monitor and control door and window locks, lights, the garage door, and your home surveillance system remotely, using your smartphone.

Look Into Insurance Discounts

Many insurance companies will give you discounts on your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance if you offer proof that you have installed a home security system through a reputable security company. Check with your insurance agent to find out what type of home security system can offer you the highest discount. These discounts typically vary from between 2% to 20%.

Choosing an Alarm Company

Shop around for quotes from a few local security companies in your area. Choose companies that are rated highly by Angie’s List or the Consumer’s Checkbook. Read online reviews from customers to get a sense of how reputable the company is. Ask for quotes for the home security system itself, plus installation of the system in your home.

If you’re looking for the best home security system in Chicago, contact the team at Tunnel Vision Technology, Inc. We provide home security systems and home automation systems to the Chicago area. Call us today at (312) 829-9145 for more information.

Get the Most Out of Your Home Automation System

Home automation in Chicago can equip your house with a range of important benefits that can save you time, effort, and money while offering you an unprecedented peace of mind. Understanding all of the different aspects of home automation can help to ensure that you reap the maximum reward from your home. Here is a look at how to get the most out of your home automation system.


If you want to rest easy in your home and enjoy the peace of mind that your property and family are protected, there is no substitute for home automation. Wireless security cameras are popular home security systems that allow you to keep eyes on your property no matter where you are. Connect your security cameras to your mobile device so that you can always check in and see what is going on at home.


An automated home knows how to keep you comfortable. You can set your thermostat to turn on or off at specific times without your command, which means that you get to enjoy the perfect temperature in your home at all times. Feel free to program your lights to turn on just before you get home so you are not pulling into a dark driveway, and double check that you shut off all your appliances when you left the house this morning.

Energy Efficiency

Home automation promotes the efficient use of resources, which limits your carbon footprint. The ability to control your home from afar, as well as the ability to schedule your appliances, allows you to refrain from expending resources when you do not need to. No more waiting until you get home to turn off a light that you forgot to shut off in the morning, and no more leaving the air conditioner on all day to enjoy it when you return.

Are you getting the most out of your home automation system? At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we are proud to call ourselves Chicago’s home for cutting-edge home automation and smart home technology. If you live in the area, feel free to visit our website today or call (312) 829-9145 for more information.

Reasons to Install a Home Surveillance System

Like most people, you may associate home surveillance systems in Chicago with arming, disarming, paying monthly fees, and dealing with false alarms. Though coping with these issues may seem like a hassle, installing home security systems is still the best way to protect your family and valuables. There are a variety of factors to consider when looking at home security systems, but the most important thing to consider is how a particular system could benefit you.

Protects your valuables

Unfortunately, you probably know someone who has lost electronics, jewelry, or other highly valuable personal items in a home theft. These types of incidents are even more traumatic when they involved the loss of an irreplaceable family heirloom. Installing home security cameras or surveillance systems helps scare off potential home burglars. Additionally, a home security system with an alarm notifies the police when someone does attempt to break into your house.

Allows remote home access

With modern security systems, you can monitor your house remotely when you are at work or away doing errands. Depending on the provider you choose, you may be able to monitor your house through cameras installed throughout your house. By creating a smart house, you can also control your thermostat, door locks, lights, and other electronic devices.

Lowers homeowner’s insurance

Your home security system may require a monthly fee, but this investment could help you lower your homeowner’s insurance. In addition, you can opt to receive notifications if your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms detect danger while you are away. With some providers, you can even choose to automatically notify authorities when these devices go off.

For more information about home security systems in Chicago, contact Tunnel Vision Technology at (312) 829-9145. We opened in 1999 with the goal of ensuring superior client service. Since then, we’ve expanded our services to include home and office automation and control systems.

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