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Tour a Smart Condo in NYC

Smart home systems aren’t about installing buttons everywhere in your home. They’re about making your home more livable. Find out how an NYC condo owner adopted home automation to improve the functionality of her space without compromising the design aesthetic in this video.

Because minimalist design is so important to this homeowner, she was reluctant to have a system installed that would leave her with multiple buttons and control panels all over the walls. Thanks to the Control 4 system, she can control her music, lights, blinds, and temperature without giving up any of her design aesthetic.

Find out how home automation in Chicago can work for you by talking to an expert at TVTI. We can listen to your needs and design a smart home system that fits into the way you live. Call us today at (312) 265-3760.

Transform Your Home with Whole House Solutions by Lutron

Turning your home into a smart home with home automation will revolutionize your lifestyle. With Lutron, you can use whole house solutions to get the exact features you want to be included in your automation design in every room of your house. Are you considering adopting Lutron home automation as your smart home system? Here is a look at the whole house solution options available from Lutron.


The Caséta whole home system makes it easy to control the lighting throughout your home. It features a range of dimmer styles and wireless remotes and is available in gloss finishes. Caséta can support up to 50 devices and offers easy integration with other automation systems, including Nest Home/Away, Sonos, Serena, Apple Home Kit, Amazon Alexa, and Honeywell home security systems. Use this connectivity and integration to adapt your Caséta system to your needs.

RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2 take wireless whole home lighting control to a new level. This Lutron system supports up to 200 different devices and easily lets you start in one room and expand to others. RadioRA 2 works with both wired and wireless Lutron occupancy/vacancy sensors so that your system can adapt to how you live. The custom-engraved keypads, which are backlit, and customized scene control give you the flexibility you need to tweak settings as you see fit. RadioRA 2 also offers the same easy integration with a range of other smart home products.

HomeWorks QS

HomeWorks QS is Lutron’s most advanced whole home system, thanks to its ability to support up to 10,000 devices. It is available in the widest range of keyboards and color options of any Lutron system and can also be designed with customized keypads. You won’t need dimmers or switches on your walls anymore, as HomeWorks QS comes with hidden panels.

Let TVTI help you choose the right Lutron system for your home as we build a smart home in Chicago for you. You can start the design process today by calling (312) 265-3760 to speak to one of our professionals.

Hit the Greens Inside This Winter with a Full Swing Golf Simulator

Winter can be rough on golf fans, when courses are too cold and snow-covered to let you get a round in. Fortunately, with a smart home system, you could get the thrill of being on the greens without having to brave the elements. The Full Swing Golf Simulator, used by PGA professionals and golf training schools, can now be yours with your home automation system, so your swing doesn’t fall off track in the winter months. Here is a look at what you need to know:

What is the Full Swing Golf Simulator?

The Full Swing Golf Simulator brings the experience of playing at the world-renowned St. Andrews Golf and Country Club to your home. The simulator combines a strikingly realistic visual experience with information about your swing to help you hone your game. This system is used by professionals and top training schools but has traditionally been out of the price range of home users. Now, you can include the simulator in your smart home system, so you can use the same tools as professional players to hone your skills.

What information can the simulator provide about my swing?

The Full Swing Golf Simulator includes an internal infrared tracking system and a propriety, high-speed camera system that allows it to read information about your swing more accurately than any other golf simulator on the market. With each swing, you will receive a detailed report on the ball’s flight, speed, direction, and launch angle. You can use this information to experiment with different types of swings and identify where your strokes are going wrong so you can improve your game.

What other benefits does the simulator offer?

You don’t only get information about how effective your swings are, but you can actually see them fly over different areas of the course to get a realistic perspective of how your game looks in real life. You can also make the grounds of the course undulate to simulate inclines that you are likely to encounter on a real course.

Take your golf game to the next level this winter with the help of TVTI. Our home automation systems in Chicago can be personalized to include all of the features that mean the most to you. Find out more about automation design by calling (312) 265-3760.

Can Smart Lighting Improve Your Health?

You know the smart lighting features of your home automation system make your lights more convenient to use, but did you know that they could also make you healthier? Your interior lights have a surprisingly extensive effect on your wellbeing, and smart lighting makes it easier to harness the healing benefits.

Light temperature—the amount of blue or yellow wavelengths in lights—can impact your sleep cycle. Cool lights, which have more blue, make you more alert, while warm lights, with more yellow, stimulate melatonin production, which helps you sleep. Using color-changing bulbs that you can set to switch at different times of day lets you take advantage of lighting temperature. You can also use your smart lighting to easily adjust different lights according to your needs, such as turning up the kitchen lights while you cook and dimming them so you can relax as you eat.

At TVTI, we can help you design a smart home in Chicago that includes all of the features you want, from smart lighting to climate control. Start designing your home automation system today by calling (312) 265-3760.

Climate Control for the Frequent Traveler's Peace of Mind

If your schedule takes you out of town on a regular basis, you may want to consider investing in a new home automation system. With home automation technology, you can gain complete control over your home’s climate control system, even when you are on the other side of the globe. Using automated climate control features, you will be able to adjust the settings of your thermostat when you are away. Remote control over your HVAC system will offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your heating and cooling system is operating as efficiently as possible.

The team at TVTI is ready to create a home automation system that is tailored to your lifestyle. Our company specializes in automation technologies serving Chicago, and we offer many devices and features that will be perfect for your smart home. To learn all about how we can provide you with better peace of mind, give us a call at (312) 265-3760.

Is Home Automation a Solution for Seniors?

Aging in place is popular for more and more elderly people, and modern technology is making it easier. If you have an elderly relative who wishes to remain at home for as long as possible, you may want to consider installing some home automation upgrades. Far from being difficult to control or understand, your smart home features will provide safety, security, and convenience to your family member. Let’s review some home automation features that are suited for seniors.

Web Monitoring

You may not have the time in your schedule to physically check on your elderly relative in person, every single day. With web monitoring solutions, you can wirelessly check on your loved one, from the comfort of your home or office. Web monitoring systems can automatically track your relative’s activities, and can also automatically check to see whether doors and windows have been locked and secured properly.

Voice Controls

Seniors who experience limited mobility may have trouble navigating their homes after dark. The chances of slips and falls increase dramatically without proper indoor and outdoor lighting. When you install a home automation system in your loved one’s home, you can include voice controlled lighting that can be turned on from any location in the house.

IFFT Programs

IFFT stands for “If This, Then That,” and this type of programming can be used to keep your elderly loved one safe when he or she is home along. Using an IFFT system, you can receive alerts when the home’s security system is activated or an exterior door is left ajar. A home automation technician can also program an IFFT system to respond to vocal or physical cues from your family member.

For additional information about how home automation in Chicago can help your relative, contact TVTI by calling (312) 265-3760. From wireless security cameras to climate control and more, we offer a range of systems that will be perfectly suited for your home. Our team will design a customized system that meets the exact needs of your family.

Introducing the One-Touch Meeting System for Conference Rooms

If you want to enhance the productivity of your business, consider purchasing new office automation equipment. In this video from Crestron EMEA, you will take a tour of some of the features of their one-touch meeting system for conference rooms. This innovative panel will provide workers with one-touch control over lights, projectors, webcams, and more.

To learn about how office automation can benefit your business, get in touch with TVTI. Our company offers many different office automation services in Chicago, and we will be thrilled to answer any questions that you may have for your automation design project. Give us a call at (312) 265-3760 to receive an estimate for your smart home or office automation system.

Trufig: Where Cutting-Edge Tech and Minimalism Interact

When you are designing a home automation system that contains all of the latest features, you may be concerned about whether your new technology and controls will fit in with your overall aesthetic. That’s where Trufig can come to the rescue. Trufig manufactures sleek and beautiful controls and outlets that allow all of your various technologies to match seamlessly. Let’s take a look at how Trufig solutions can benefit your home or office.

Sleek Panels and Controls

If you are seeking an understated and modern look for your automated controls, you are sure to love the beautiful products that are available from Trufig. Trufig’s panels, switches, and other devices have been designed to merge with your other interior decorations. Rather than protruding from the wall and causing visual obstructions, Trufig’s switches and panels will blend into the background.

Various Colors and Finishes

Whether your interior space is decorated in bright, white hues or natural hardwoods, Trufig has a panel style to match with your interior. From drywall finishes to custom wallpaper designs, the Trufig line of panels and controls is available in many different styles. By customizing your controls, you can help to create a minimal and beautiful design aesthetic in your home.

Touch Panel and Touchscreen Solutions

If you prefer to control your automation system using an iPad or another type of touchscreen system, you will find a solution from Trufig. Their touch panel and touchscreen solutions will help your technological devices integrate with the overall look and feel of your home’s interior.

If you would like to tour your home automation options in person, contact TVTI. Our company can help you outfit your stylish smart home in Chicago with the latest devices from Trufig and other nationally recognized brands. To learn more about the automation design services that we offer to our residential and commercial customers, contact us by calling (312) 265-3760 and we will be happy to walk you through our services.

Trust the Experts at TVTI with Your Home Security

What could be more important than the safety of your home and family? At TVTI, we help families get the right home security systems for their needs, with all of the necessary features to give you peace of mind. Read on to find out more about some of the ways we can help you boost security where it means the most to you.

Home Surveillance Cameras

Imagine being able to see exactly what is going on at your home, no matter where you are. With home surveillance systems, you can do just that. We can help you select and install wireless security cameras that allow you to monitor your home inside and out. Use the cameras to see who is at your front door, even if you’re not there, or check the exterior of your property for everything from storm damage to potential intruders. Use your interior cameras to see if your kids have arrived home from school safely, to check in on your babysitter, or simply to ensure that everything is as it should be. Live video feeds from your cameras mean you always know what’s happening in real time.

Surveillance Alerts

Your home surveillance system can also be set up to send you alerts whenever there is something on your property you need to know. You can receive an alert any time a car enters your driveway, opens a door to your home, or even stands too close to your swimming pool. Your TVTI expert can help you set up the alerts you want and help you choose a system capable of analyzing your camera footage in real time.

Remote Activation

Have you ever spent the day wondering if you locked your door or set your home alarm? With a smart home security system, you don’t have to worry. You can lock your door and set your alarm from anywhere, using your smartphone. This is also a great way to avoid handing out keys to workers in your home. Simply unlock the door when they arrive and lock it behind them when they go.

Are you ready to upgrade to a home surveillance system in Chicago? TVTI can help. Talk to one of our pros today by calling (312) 265-3760.

How Control4 Modernized This Business

The struggle many businesses face is how to create easy operating systems for complex technology set-ups. Dewey’s Indoor Golf & Sports Grill had an especially challenging design, but Control4 installation solved their issues.

Watch Control4 in action at Dewey’s in this video. Dewey’s has a huge collection of golf simulators and television screens that have to be adapted to customers’ requests quickly and without disruption. The Control4 interface puts control of these systems at employees’ fingertips, so they can control more than 60 screens with just a few clicks.

If you are struggling with issues of office automation for your business, let TVTI help. Talk to one of our experts about automation technologies in Chicago that could work for you by calling (312) 265-3760.

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