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A Look at the Advantages of Smart Home Technology

Residential Solutions

Did you know that professionally installed smart home technology could increase the resale value of your home? Smart home technology also makes your life easier and your home more energy efficient. Keep reading for a list of more advantages that smart home technology has to offer.


A smart home system can give homeowners remote access to many different features inside their home. Providing comfort at your fingertips, a smart home system allows you to change the settings on your heating and cooling system from the couch. You can use a smart home system to play video or audio in any room of the house, provided you have speakers installed. You can even use a smart home system to raise or lower your window blinds, or communicate through intercoms installed in the house.

Peace of Mind

When installed with an advanced security system, smart home technology gives you unparalleled security. Motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and even key cards and fingerprint identification technology can be installed with a smart home system.

Energy Efficiency

Smart home systems can help improve the energy efficiency of your home by giving you greater control over a number of different settings. For instance, you can program the lights to shut off when no one is in a room. You can also set the thermostat to maintain a certain temperature during the day when no one is home, and return the home to a more comfortable temperature before you get home.


Smart home technology can be of great benefit to seniors and disabled residents. Voice-command smart home systems can be used to lock doors, operate a phone, use a computer, and control lights. Smart home technology allows homeowners to establish a schedule for the sprinkler, effectively saving a great deal of time and energy.

If you are looking for a home automation installer in Chicago, look no further than Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. We have been installing specialized technology since 1999. Visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer, and call us at (312) 386-7219 for more information.

How Automation Can Help You Become More Energy Conscious

About Us

Home automation is widely known for its convenience, but it’s also very energy efficient. With a Control 4 home automation system, you can set your house to “Away” when you leave, even if you’re just going to work, and the system will take steps to conserve energy for you. In addition, simply adjusting the default light setting from 100 to 90 percent will make a difference in your energy bill—it can even reduce your carbon footprint by 850 pounds of carbon dioxide in a year, which is equivalent to not driving a car for one month. Control 4 home automation technology has a “Green” setting that instantly reduces HVAC usage, turns of unneeded lights, and reduces appliance usage.

To learn more about the benefits of switching to an energy-conscious smart home system in Chicago, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 386-7219. Visit us on the web to learn more about our energy-efficient lighting control and home automation systems.

Tunnel Vision Technology: What We Do

At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we have installed a wide range of residential and commercial technology solutions for our customers in the Chicago area since 1999. Today, we offer products such as custom home automation systems and lighting control systems. These technologies offer you the convenience of being able to adjust the lights or control features of your home from the comfort of your living room. Our systems are designed for optimal energy efficiency as well. We even offer automated window treatments, surveillance systems, high-tech climate control systems, and audio and video systems. Watch this video clip to learn more about the home and office technologies we offer.

At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we invite you to visit our website to take a closer look at the projects we have recently completed. If you have any questions about our smart home and office systems, give us a call at (312) 386-7219.

Like to Entertain? Then You'll Love These Smart Home Solutions

Couple playing video games

Some people have a knack for entertaining guests. More often than not, however, access to the right tips and technology can have as much of an impact on one’s competence as a host as his or her acumen for entertaining.

Smart home climate, lighting, and entertainment solutions can help guests feel comfortable and at ease while freeing up time and energy for you to prepare food, mix up drinks, and attend to your guests’ needs. If you have children who you trust to entertain themselves in their rooms and put themselves to bed while you are entertaining, you can save additional time by checking up on them with video intercom technology on your smartphone.

Whether you are looking to host a casual dinner for a few of your closest friends or throw a sizeable sports party, smart home technology can make entertaining easier and more fun for you and your guests. For information about the technologies that Chicago home automation installer Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can provide you with, call (312) 829-9145. We specialize in the design and installation of Control4 and Crestron home automation systems.

An Overview of Some Smart Home Solutions from Control4

Directly front view of a smartphone with smart home application

As a leading manufacturer and provider of home automation controllers, Control4 has enhanced the lives of homeowners across the country. With the help of the firm’s smart home technology, you can turn the heat at home up and down from your office across town and monitor your security video cameras from halfway around the world. Integrate Control4 smart home systems into your Chicago home, and you can reap benefits in the following areas:

Climate Control

What were your energy bills like when the polar vortex whirled over Chicago last winter? How about your comfort level? If you were shocked by the cost of heating your home or the temperatures that you suffered through in order to avoid the price shock, then consider installing a smart thermostat in your home before the winter arrives. Control4 smart home technology can sense what climate zone or mode your home is in and help you minimize your home’s heating and cooling costs.


What is the best way to safeguard your home’s locks against lock bumping? The answer is to install push-button or touchscreen access control technology, which is not susceptible to traditional forms of lock picking and bumping and can alert you whenever a door to your home is unlocked.


With Control4 smart home technology, you can seamlessly integrate all of your home’s audio and video systems so that they can be controlled by a single remote. When you are not in your living room or home theater and wish to power off your multimedia consoles or record a program with your DVR, your smartphone can serve as your remote.

At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. in Chicago, we did our research before deciding which home automation solutions to promote, install, and maintain. Control4 was and remains a clear choice because of the reliability and user-friendliness of its controllers and other technology. To learn more about how home automation technology can revolutionize your at-home experience and give you peace of mind you never thought possible, call (312) 829-9145 for a free consultation.

Examining the Latest Lighting Technology from Control4

For years, optimal lighting has been that elusive missing component from many homes’ designs. To understand how a few new lighting fixtures and automated home lighting solutions from Control4 can raise the quality of your home’s lighting from average to top-notch, check out this brief video clip.

With the help of a Control4 smart home technology dealer like Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., you can do more than integrate your Chicago home’s lighting for automation purposes. You can boost its ambient appeal by programming lighting settings for different times of day, moods, and activities. You can also reduce the presence of light switches in your home and label those that remain so that they are intuitive for everyone who uses them. To learn more, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Video Conferences

Business Team Attending Video Conference

The latest video conferencing technology can make collaboration between colleagues cheaper, more convenient, and more efficient than meeting in person. If the elements that make video conferencing technology revolutionary are not all there, however, the results can leave much to be desired. In order to improve the efficacy of your video conferences, make sure that all parties to the conference are equipped with the following information and video conferencing technology.

Consider Appearance and Preparation

If you are making a sales pitch or want your input to be heard at a video conference, you still need to practice and dress the part. Even if you are tuning in from home, you should take the time to dress up and look fresh. Practice your pitch or presentation just as you would if you were to deliver it in a room full of people.

Set Up the Best Lighting

It is now common for a video conference to serve as the first form of exposure that a potential employee or client has to a company. If you want to make a good impression on the talent or partner you are trying to recruit, accent the best qualities of your boardroom or office with integrated lighting. A home automation and commercial A/V wiring solutions provider can help you with this.

Get the Right Technology

The technology used in a video conference can make a significant difference in the quality of your meetings. High-resolution video, clear sound, and a speedy internet connection can make you forget that you are using video conferencing technology at all and enhance your delivery on the other end. A video conferencing technology dealer who is familiar with your wants and needs can help you choose the perfect equipment for your office.

If you work in an environment where time is money and professionalism goes a long way, hire an intelligent office design and video conferencing technology expert to enhance your virtual boardroom. With a strategic design, optimal lighting, and top-of-the-line A/V technology, your video conferences can be just as compelling and engaging as traditional boardroom meetings. To arrange a free consultation for your Chicago business, contact Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145.

Exploring the Benefits of Home Automation

Home energy management app for smartphone

Imagine that you have just arrived at the airport with your family to catch a flight, when your partner asks if you locked the front door. You had quietly been wanting to ask the same question, but did not want to incite anxiety and unease if unnecessary. Chances are that one of you did lock the door, and with a Control4-configured smart home, you can pull out your smartphone and double check, locking any doors and windows that were left unlocked without even having to step out of the flight check-in line. Continue reading to learn more about the major benefits of home automation.

Boost Security

When you have the ability to control your home’s automatic locks from your phone, monitor your security cameras, and check up on the kids you have trusted to stay home alone, your home becomes a safer and more secure place. Add to that the ability to check up on and control your HVAC, lighting, and water-intensive appliances, and you can ramp up the control you have over preventing fires and floods in your home. Automating your home may even help you qualify for a deduction on your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Curb Energy Consumption

Home automation takes programmable thermostats and sprinkler systems as means of saving energy to the next level. Override presets to keep your home’s temperature lower for longer on days you have to stay late at the office or keep your sprinkler heads from popping up on rainy days. Over the course of the year, your smart home system could cut your energy costs by hundreds of dollars.

Improve Comfort

A major perk of home automation is that you can reduce your energy costs and consumption without impacting your personal comfort. In fact, the freedom to adjust the lighting, audio volume, or temperature in a room without having to get up will probably translate into greater at-home comfort for you and everyone in your household.

Are you ready to enjoy the many benefits of home automation? Have your home’s system and appliances automated with Control4 technology, and you will experience peace of mind, comfort, and conveniences you never dreamed possible in your Chicago home. To request a consultation with one of our Chicago home automation and smart home system specialists, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145.

A Showcase of Control4 Technology

A nationwide leader in the provision of smart home solutions, Control4 has been at the forefront of the home automation technology industry since its inception. For a glimpse of the comfort, convenience, safety, and energy savings you can enjoy with Control4 home automation in your Chicago home, check out this video clip.

The setting of this video is MainStreet America in Spring, Texas, where 12 homes were designed to showcase the best in home building, decorating, and design. Many consumers who visit MainStreet America for inspiration when building or remodeling a home leave the showcase so impressed with Control4 technology that they decide to have their homes configured for Control4 home automation immediately.

Do you live in the Chicago area and want to learn more about how you can integrate your home’s security, HVAC, lighting, and audio systems with Control4 home automation technology? If so, call Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. at (312) 829-9145.

Tips for Designing Your Home Audio System

Hi-Fi Acoustic System Close-up (Dark Oak texture)

With the right equipment, proper room acoustics, and professional home audio system installation, you can enjoy seamless, professional-quality sound in your home. However, designing a truly premium home audio system takes time and requires the expertise of a professional. To learn more about what to consider when designing a home audio system, read below.

Identify the Purpose

First, think about what kind of home audio system you want. Some people want an audio-only sound system, which can be installed in almost any room with good acoustics. Others want a multi-media home theater system, which requires you to consider both acoustics and lighting. Knowing from the beginning what type of home audio system you are looking for will simplify the shopping and design process.

Choose the Right Components

Choose equipment that has the right power output to fill the room with sound, as an underpowered system will sound cheap, while an overpowered system will be overwhelming. Be sure that the audio system components fit into the available space in the room. You will have to consider where to put major components such as the amplifier, speakers, and subwoofer. Choose appropriately-sized, high-quality cables for your audio system to ensure a seamless look and great sound.

Evaluate Room Acoustics

Getting the right audio system components is just as important as putting the components in the right location. Room acoustics take into account direct sound as well as how the sound bounces off of the floor, walls, and ceiling to reach the listeners’ ears. The placement of furniture and other objects in the room also has an effect on the room acoustics.

Hiring a professional is essential to make sure you have the right components for your audio system. At Tunnel Vision Technology Inc., we have been installing home audio systems and integrated home automation systems for years. Call us at (312) 829-9145 or visit our website to learn more about how we can create the perfect audio system for your home or business.

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