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Uses For Control4 Installation Around Your Home

Control4 offers the ultimate smart home technology by integrating products and systems you use everyday. From lighting control to music and home theatre, the system allows for a personalized smart home experience. This can enhance your life while providing added comfort, savings, convenience, and peace of mind.

This video illustrates the many capabilities of the Control4 home automation system. There are no one-size fits all smart home system, so Control4 allows you to design a home automation system that matches your lifestyle, needs and budget. Automation technologies available include shade retraction, home security cameras, home theatre systems, and climate control systems.

To learn more about hoe automation available with Tunnel Vision Technology, please call (312) 829-9145. Since we opened in 1999, our mission has been to ensure that our clients love our service. Get in touch with us today and let us begin designing a custom smart home system for you!

How Does Smart Home Technology Work?

Most homeowners have left the house with the nagging questions of whether they turned the coffee maker off or remembered to arm the security system. With smart home technology near Chicago, homeowners can actually have peace of mind when these nagging doubts start to crowd their minds. By transitioning to a smart home, a homeowner can answer these questions by glancing at a smartphone and checking the applications related to their lighting, entertainment, home security, and thermostat regulation.

Internet of things

The phrase “Internet of things” refers to objects and products that can be interconnected and identifiable on digital networks. As technology continues to evolve, the types of objects that can be connected to this network continues to grow. Home automation allows compatible products to communicate with each other over the already existing electrical wiring in your home. Each appliance on your network is a receiver while the control systems, such as keypads and remotes, act as transmitters. As a result, if you want to turn off a lamp in a certain room, the transmitter alerts the system of the command and provides a code to trigger the device to turn off.

Radio networks

There are two prominent radio networks in home automation—ZigBee and Z-Wave. Both are mesh networks, which allows multiple ways for message communication. Z-Wave uses a source routing algorithm, which determines the fastest route for messages to travel. ZigBee, on the other hand, utilizes a mesh-networking concept that sends messages in zigzag patterns looking for the best path to the receiver.

Smart home technology

Radio networks provide fundamental technology needed for smart home communication, but they have created alliances with electronics manufactures that build end-user devices. Examples of products available with home automation include cameras, thermostat control, programmable LED lights, and automatic security system alerts.

At Tunnel Vision Technology, we get to know our clients needs and match them with our creative solutions. We offer a very accessible style of doing business, even on complex home automation projects in Chicago. For more information about using smart technology in your home or business, please call (312) 829-9145.

Tips for Planning Your Security Camera Installation

Once you have decided to install home security cameras near Chicago, you need to decide where exactly you should place them in your house. One way to make this decision is by determining the most vulnerable spots on your property, such as hidden entrances, windows and doors. Remember that you know your home best, so you are uniquely qualified to find the best locations for wireless security cameras and home surveillance systems.

A large percentage of burglars enter through the front door, so you should include this location on the list of spaces for surveillance cameras. To ensure a burglar doesn’t simply knock out your camera, install it at a second-floor level or in the eves of your house. If your house is one level, you can enclose the front door camera in mesh wiring. You should take similar precautions with your back door, ensuring that the camera is out of a potential burglar’s reach or the projectile range of a burglar’s weapon.

Since 1999, Tunnel Vision Technology has grown in stature and capabilities and expanded our service to include home automation and home security systems in Chicago. For more information on our products, solutions, and services, visit our website or please call (312) 829-9145.

What Are The Top Benefits of Control4 Installation?

Control 4 is a very popular home automation system in Chicago. This smart home technology allows you to integrate a home surveillance system with everything from your climate control system to your home theater.

To learn more about the benefits of installing Control4 in your home or commercial property, watch this video. You will learn how easy it can be to lock and unlock your doors, power your appliances in the event of an outage, and do much more.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. is a certified Control4 installer in Chicago. Call us at (312) 829-9145 or visit our website to find out more about this cutting-edge home automation technology.

Design Ideas for Home Theater Systems

Your home should be a space where you can completely relax. Together with home automation systems, home theater installations are among the most popular upgrades for homeowners near Chicago. A well-designed home theater system allows you to completely immerse yourself in your favorite TV shows and movies, completely free from distractions. To make yours truly custom, carefully consider the following elements when you are designing it.


Living rooms and family rooms are multipurpose spaces where you might also read or play retro board games. But a home theater is exclusively devoted to image and sound: the screen will be huge, and the sound will be as loud as you want it to be. Choose a space that is somewhat separate from the rest of the home, especially from the bedrooms. For example, a finished basement is an ideal location for a home theater, but the exact size and location of the space of course depends on your home’s specific configuration.


To create a completely immersive watching experience, you will need top-of-the-line home theater speakers. High-quality speakers can play music and sound effects quite loudly without clipping or harsh distortions. If you want to avoid the trouble of running wires all around the room, opt for wireless surround sound speakers.


All seats in the home theater should point toward the screen or the TV, since that is the focus of the room. Some homeowners really like to mimic the movie theater experience and install rows of movie theater seats, complete with cup holders that are bolted to the floor. But feel free to furnish the room with your favorite luxury recliners or even a set of couches, as you see fit.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. can help you with the speaker selection, screen selection, and other design elements of the home theater in your Chicago residence. To learn more about the services we offer and the products we carry, call us today at (312) 829-9145.

Examining the Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Home automation systems are becoming more and more common in Chicago as homeowners discover the two principal benefits of automation technologies: convenience and security. If you have not yet upgraded your home with the latest smart technologies, read on to learn some of the benefits they can bring.

Finer Control

Smart home technologies such as Control 4 allow you to control many different systems in your home through one centralized app for your tablet or smartphone. If you want to change the temperature on the thermostat by one or two degrees, dim the lights in the living room, or make sure that all your appliances are turned off, you can do that from an app, whether you are lying in the house in bed or waiting for a flight at the airport.

Heightened Security

Home automation can be integrated with your home security system. This will allow you to remotely check to make sure that your doors are locked, and so much more. You can assign different codes to your children and to any home service professionals, and see who has used which codes at what times. You can also install cameras that allow you to remotely view your home while you are away.

Greater Peace of Mind

Above all, smart home technology allows you to enjoy life more because it frees you from worrying. You don’t have to spend your vacation wondering if you left the lights on or if your dark house has become a target for burglars because you can control the lights from your app. You don’t have to wonder if your children have gotten home safely or if your cleaning service arrived on time because you can check the door codes and take a peek at the security camera feeds.

Call (312) 829-9145 to schedule an appointment with Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. today if you want to learn more about home automation systems. We install the latest smart technologies in homes all around Chicago.

Using Home Automation To Keep Your Property Safe

Many property owners have outdated home security systems in Chicago. In fact, most systems that are more than five years old probably do not have the built-in integration with home automation that today’s systems offer. When you upgrade your home security system, you can integrate it with smart home technology to create a safer environment for you and your family.

Smart home systems are more than simply automated heating and cooling. With keyless door locks, you can assign specific entry PIN numbers to family members, and monitor when they are used. You can also remotely lock and unlock doors in your home. Full integration with home surveillance systems allow you to view live feeds from cameras installed in your home no matter where you are. Remote appliance and light control lets you monitor energy usage and make sure your house looks occupied even when you are on vacation.

Would you like to learn more about the safety benefits of smart home technology? Call (312) 829-9145 to speak with Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. today.

Tips for Planning a Commercial Security System

When you own a commercial property, it is important to keep it secure. Use the following

tips to plan a commercial security system near Chicago that offers the proper level of

security to keep your office and your information safe.

Find the Right Size System for Your Office

One of the most important factors of your commercial security system is its size. If you

have a really large office, a small security system will not suffice for your needs. Work

with a security company that has the necessary equipment to measure the dimensions of

your office so they can outfit you with a system that will cover all of the entrances and

windows to your building.

Choose the Features You Need

Not every office needs the same kind of security features to keep the building safe.

Before you start looking into different security systems, you should think about the

features that you need to really secure your building. Some security systems focus more

on video surveillance. Others use lights to dissuade intruders from attempting to enter the

property. Talk to the security company about the different features available in different

systems so you can find one that works for your needs.

Work with a Reputable Company

It is very important to work with a reputable security system company to find a system

that will be reliable enough to last for many years. When you work with a reliable

company, you can ensure that you can keep the system working even if are having an

issue. The right company makes your security system a priority so it always works when

you need it.

If you are looking for a quality commercial security system, Tunnel Vision Technology

Inc. is here to get you the system that you need. We take your office security seriously

and provide you with systems that keep your property secure. To learn more about our

commercial security services, visit us online or call (312) 829-9145.

Controlling Your Entertainment System with a Control4 Installation

The Control4 Installation system gives you complete control over your home

entertainment systems. If you are looking for quality home automation in Chicago, you

should consider using the Control4 Installation.

With this control system, you can have music and video at your command. Play high

fidelity sound in every room and HD video from any source to any TV. You can even can

play music or use streaming services from a variety of stations. Check out this video to

learn more about this premium form of home automation.

Tunnel Vision Technology Inc. is here to help you get the kind of home automation that

you need to add more convenience to your home. We offer both residential and

commercial solutions to meet all of your needs. To learn more, call (312) 829-9145.

What Are the Advantages of Home Automation?

With so many advancements in electronics becoming more affordable than ever, you

might have more gadgets than you know how to handle in your home. Home automation

helps you organize all of your electronics and make them more convenient to use. Keep

reading to learn more about the advantages of using home automation in Chicago.

You Can Connect All of Your Systems

Home automation makes it easy to connect all of the systems in your home so you can

operate them easily. Home automation gives you the power to connect video, data,

telephone, wireless, security, climate, and even lighting features so you can control them

from one easy location.

You Can Choose Where You Put the Controls

If you spend more time in the kitchen than any other room, you can choose to put your

home automation controls in there. If you prefer to control everything from the living

room, though, you can put the controls in that part of your house. Home automation gives

you the power to decide how you control the electronics in your space.

You Can Cater Your Home to Your Needs

Whether you want to make your kitchen appliances safer or save energy in your home,

you can use home automation to cater your appliances and electronics to your needs.

Home automation helps you take advantage of the features of your house to make it as

comfortable and livable as possible.

You Can Control the Temperature with Ease

Home automation helps you update your heating and cooling systems to improve the

temperature inside of your home. If you are tired of wasting money on heating and

cooling costs, you should look into home automation that gives you complete control

over the temperature.

Whether you are interested in home automation or home security cameras, Tunnel Vision

Technology, Inc. is here for you. As one of the top companies for residential and

commercial solutions in the Chicago area, we help you get the services you need. To

learn more, call (312) 829-9145.

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